PlayStation 4 Sold Out At GameStop!

GameStop has announced today, June 9th, that they are officially halting all PlayStation 4 preorders for the upcoming next generation console due out this Winter.

Due to the high demand for the PS4 and GameStop anticipating a shortage, the company has officially stopped allowing gamers to preorder the system. Preorders placed before this date will be fully honored by the company and GameStop is allowing gamers to sign up on their website or in-store to be notified if future stock becomes available.

GameStop is the second retailer to stop offering PlayStation 4 preorders, with Amazon being the first to stop preorders for the system itself though launch bundles are still available. If you haven't yet preordered a PlayStation 4, do so quickly as time is running out.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 7/9/2013

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ps 4 pre orders

i already pre ordered mine day one

ps 4

I'm glad that I ordered mine early!!

it still says on the finnish site that you can pre order ps4.

SlimMerc: Sorry Buddie

I just went on the PS4 page of the GameStop website and it clearly states that you can sign up to be informed on any PS4 news due to it being sold out!

This is the finnish site for

This is the finnish site for pre-ordering ps4, still eligible

It still looks like they

It still looks like they haven't announced selling out in Finland:

Still in stock, in Finland

It still havent been announced to be sold out in Finland, or Finnish gamestops site and there is no mentioning about pre-orders gone to the max!