Sony Hints At Upcoming PlayStation 4 Features

No, it's not YouTube. We'll just throw that out there now, because we now how badly you lot want a YouTube app. It's coming, eventually. Sony knows it. We know it. Be patient.

In the meantime, check out this list of features which may be hitting your PlayStation 4 sooner than you think.

Game Preloading
According to Sucker Punch, developer of InFamous: Second Son, beginning April 2014 Sony will begin to offer preloading of preordered PlayStation Store games. Preloading is something that the fine folks who game with Steam on their PC have had for years but its something brand new for home console users.

Effectively, preloading enables you to download your preoredered game in full so when the game officially launches, it's ready for you to play immediately. Right now, when you preorder a game on the PlayStation Network you have to wait until it's released until you can download it, which can be a pain for games that feature large installation sizes.

It's a minor change but it's going to be a huge quality of life improvement for those gamers who frequently pre-purchase games on the PlayStation Store.

Reputation System
IGN has reported that Sony is sending out surveys questioning users on how they would feel about a reputation system, similar to what the Xbox brand of consoles uses.

New Privacy and Chat Options
Also in the survey, Sony has polled customers on a variety of upcoming chat and privacy features on the PlayStation 4. They have asked consumers if they want chat to be unified across all PlayStation consoles and if Party Chat should extend to more than eight people.

Upcoming PlayStation 4 Features

For introverted gamers, Sony wants to know if you'd like the option to appear invisible to other online gamers.

Changing Your Username
An oft requested feature, Sony has asked consumers if they would like the ability to change their PlayStation Network username. We already know the answer to that one, according to our fans "YES!"

What features would you like to see come to the PlayStation 4? Other than YouTube, that is, because we're well aware you already want it. Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/8/2014

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Sure would love 3D Blu-ray support.

notification and 3D blu ray support

should be notified when a friend gets online, also i have 3D movies i cant watch because for some reason sony took 3d support away....


3rd blue ray support