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£271 UK
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A year and a half after the official release of both the Xbox One and the PS4, we've seen the Xbox One already slash it's price $50. Could the PS4 be far behind? As of February 2015, Sony has stated that NO price cut is planned for the PlayStation 4. If you want it, better get the $400 together.

To figure out the price based on hardware, we can compare it to what it would be like if someone were to build a computer with similar specifications as the console is essentially made up of computer components. We know that the PlayStation 4 will feature an AMD 8-core processor with a 1.84 TFLOPS Radeon-based graphics engine. In addition, it will sport 8 GB GDDR5 memory, a built-in hard drive and a Blu-ray/DVD drive running at 6x and 8x speed, respectively.

Let's start with the processor; AMD sells an 8-core processor on its own website for $160. It also sells the 2 TFLOPS Radeon HD 6870 for another $145, which also has 2 GB of GDDR5 memory. Though it is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 with 2 TFLOPS, it has a quarter of the memory expected for the console, so we can even out the difference in price. Hard drives for the PlayStation 3 ranged in a number of sizes, but the PS4 will come with a 500GB hard drive. This can cost anywhere between $100 and $150, depending on the brand name and speed. Finally, a Blu-ray/DVD drive for a computer would run about another $50 on average.

Playstation 4 Price and Cost DetailsWith these basic components, a similarly-equipped computer would cost about $450 to $505, depending on the website or store you buy each item from. This kind of price is actually within the confines of what Asahi, a well-known Japanese publication, guessed the cost of the PlayStation 4 would be.

When you look back at the PlayStation 3, which released for about $600, it makes sense that Sony would not want to repeat this mistake; with such a high price, sales suffered as gamers were too hesitant to spend such a fee on a console. $399 was a smart move on their part, that's for sure.

In terms of the lower price this time around, Sony Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny has been quoted as saying "We want a system that can reach as broad a gaming audience as possible. We have created a console absolutely focused on gamers – and we want that to be gamers in the broadest sense as well."

What this means is that Sony realizes the pricing mistakes it made on the PlayStation 3 by originally pricing the console not only out of reach for casual gamers but hardcore gamers as well. It's nice to see that they haven't made the same mistake twice. Another smart move on Sony's part was keeping games at the same price and not restricting the use of pre-owned games. Since the PS4 comes with a decently sized hard drive, an HDMI cable, and the controller, there won't be any required accessory purchase out of the box.

It's been over a year now since the console released and we've seen no price drops. That being said, various bundles have surfaced during the holiday season. The announcement of a 20th Anniversary PS4 has also brought a new stylized design into the fold. While Xbox has since lowered their price and made the Kinect optional, PS4 still continues to sell strong. It's all thanks to Sony's wise decision to keep the system priced at something far more reasonable than PS3's launch price.

PlayStation 4 fans, keep your eyes on not only this page, but PS4 Experts in general for up-to-date PS4 pricing news!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 03/11/2013
Article Updated: 12/19/14

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Would I Pay Or Wait

Way to much money to spend on a PS4 considering the Ps3 is still very popular and many people play it. I would wait a few years until the price has dropped! Very exciting though!


will the ps4 have cords for the tv


I expect the PS4 to be 700 or 600. People buy Consoles for one thing only the games. Let's say a new Final Fantasy Game is shown next year for the PS4 it looks insane like that Angi's Prophecy Tech Demo. That would sell tons of Ps4's even at 700 dollars! Believe it!

ps4 - really worth it?

You're probably right, but I wouldn't like to believe it. It just seems a total rip-off, especially considering that there isn't really much it can improve on the ps3. The ps3 already has great online play features, fantastic games and the bluray feature, as well as all those media option things (never use them so I'm not sure what the technical name is). Anyways, it will probably just be ps3 re-branded as ps4, with very little improved, because there is so little room for improvement. The GAMES are also very expensive already on ps3 (considering what you get, about 15-20 hours of gameplay, 30 maximum and then you're done and bored). I definitely will NOT buy ps4 when it is new, I simply don't want one bad enough that I'll lower myself to paying that much. Whether I'll buy one at all later depends on whether the price drops significantly and Sony can prove that there are enough noticeable improvements to make it a worthy investment. There will also have to be some AMAZING games which are actually reasonable for their price, and the price of games is bound to increase again, seeing the jump in price from ps2 to ps3 games before.

make bealive. think logic

rummored durago specs put it on 600+euro machine with slow ram speed but good media hub os. last rummored ps4 specs tell us that is gona be a gaming beast but not that much cpu for anything else? remember for what you buy your ps3/xbox360 and make you choises. you want an extra multimedia device on your home get next xbox . you want a pure gaming machine get ps4. abaut prices..... we still get buy overpriced apple products but we dont wanna pay a 500dollars or 350 euros on gaming beast? are we all serius? i think that mother of gamer and father got pay more that 2000euros only for smartphones in 2 years and you tell me that you can pay more than 400euro for a videogame deticated ps4 ? am i only person thinging that i want my mobile phone just need to make good calls? , my tv just to have damn good scren ? my bbq grill just to make good steaks? get with ms going to multimedia dont expect next xbox becoming a gaming machine that ps4 is looking for . ( noone lose any cent from psn hack, but internet is full with ppl losing theyr money on xbl)

just don't know

To be honest i have had every system from atari to ps3 and no matter what i am going to get it no matter how much it cost if you have time to moan about it pick up extra work and buy the thing i know because i have three working ps3 systems one with backward one without and one custom that cost me 900 and i dont even play it. it just sits there and gathers edust so yeah just pick it then tell people who don't have money to shut up if u don't those of us who do will still work hard and buy what we like

PS 4

I need to know the released date please message me please

Sorry, but...

actually 1 year 6 months

No, actually...

6 months. Learn to red.

nice try,

take ur own advice, read the articles and they state there is no official release date. lol

not worth

Always waste money at begin I rather price drop that ppls can afford to buy it


Then wait but play with old gen jaggy/low res crap for for 2 or 3 more years

MAYBE 400$

i'm only 13 and i'm not buying anything but i know how much they will spend. my parents will only buy one game and the system for 400 or 300 dollars which it most likely won't sell for 400 or 300 it may sell for about 600 to 700 or maybe even 800$.

RE: Maybe 400$

I doubt these $1000 or £636 prices are accurate, even if this site has got some specs right. I've had a think about how things could work out, here's what I came up with: All prices here are based on retail prices and not mass production deal prices that Sony would undoubtedly be able to get from AMD and other retailers or in house manufacturing. Here in the UK a 12 times Bluray Drive is about £50.00. An AMD APU the A8-3870k is about £87.00. AMD GPU the HD 6870 is about £120.00. 4GB of 1600MHZ of DDR3 RAM is £22.00. A 500 Watt PSU can be bought for about £15.00. 500 gb HDD about £55.00. 32gb of SSD £40.00. So far all of that comes to £389, for a well specced gaming PC, with a GPU that's 10 times more powerful than the PS3, it's over a 2 teraflop machine, could handle such flop ratings because of the power supply unit and games would look amazing. That GPU is also eyefinity enabled, so could handle higher resolutions and even if Sony went for the highest, ultra settings on a game like Battlefield 3 it could easily run games at 1920x1080 frame rates would average at about 60 fps. These prices don't take into account that sony can buy things cheaper, I also realise there are parts that I haven't added like a motherboard, which could add another £100, maybe a bit more (I'll say £120 to be safe), the case, which is say £40, USB hub maybe £15-£20, Dual Shock (whatever, move splitter style controller) maybe £40, add in cooling which could be £40, in house Operating system £20 so another £280 before deals are struck and with manfucturers still making their normal profits, total price before Sony strikes deals is £669, so over a thousand dollars, with likely massive over exaggerations on UK prices. Depending on how much AMD makes on their APU and GPU (these are random models, not actual hardware that will be in PS4 and Sony will likely have parts tweaked for more streamlining for console gaming) they could knock maybe at least 50% off those prices so APU and GPU for £100, that's saved Sony £120 and brought PS4 down to £549, if they make the Blu Ray in house it'd just be parts and labour, maybe £20 comes off that price, so PS4 is £529 now, RAM for half the price, Dual Shock the same, so another £31 comes off the price, PS4 is now £498, say Sony makes the motherboard in house and build it for £30, that's £70 off the price of PS4, now it's £428, the two Hard Drives could be easily built in house for the price of the SSD, so £55 comes off that price and Sony has a sub £400 or less than $627, estimated price is now £373, cooling could be made for pence, or a couple of pounds, say that costs £10, so £25 comes off the total price, which makes it £348, USB hub also made in-house (which handles SD Cards and other front and back connections), costs maybe £5 so £15 comes off the price of PS4 so it's now £333, this console is now bought for about $520, without touching the PSU price, cost of the OS or the controller that comes with the console. The specs wouldn't show the whole story because games consoles don't have to deal with things like the PC's extra programs and things that take up memory and processor power. This PS4 can easily deal with faster loading, it can handle multiple tasks simultaniously, like downloading updates for OS, games, IM. If Sony goes for a modded APU, with cell components it'll be Backwards Compatible. If the APU has a better GPU chip (AMD is rumoured to be using a 7950 chip on the die) it can then use dual GPUs, if AMD unlocks the limiter they have on the current A8 series (basically you can only use a HD 6670 with the A8 if you want to crossfire the two GPUs). This spec would be more powerful than Xbox 720 and Wii U. All of that is without Sony taking a loss on the hardware, if they decide to try and meet closer to the rumoured price points it's possible they could make it a sub £300. or about $470.00. If AMD churns out the parts with a profit of say £20 per PS4 and Sony sold 10 million units that's a profit of two hundred million pounds or $314,080,000 to AMD, inside of say a year. IMO this is realistic and would bring people the next gen boost in graphics, while not making them pay through the roof for that level of performance. They'd basically be getting the performance of a decent mid level PC, which devs can program easily for (Wii U has a cell processor in the IBM PowerPC7 and crytek even praised if for the ease by which they could quickly port games to the machine). Sony could make more of a loss on the hardware price and get things out at an even more reasonable price.

mabey 600

Ill bet its $600


Not likely. Sony probably won't care about making a profit on the hardware, they'll likely just want to make as small a loss as possible at release. Unless Sony goes for a higher end GPU, like an AMD HD 7970, which retails for £340 in the UK and gets to buy them for like £150 each I don't see it costing that much. Though a 7970 isn't really needed to get similar performance, two 6870s and a modded APU, with the chip from a 7950 could beat that for pure TFlop performance and you'd end up with a PS4 more than twenty times more powerful than a PS3. If Sony can arrange a deal with AMD who knows, but it's not really needed to give better noticably better performance over PS3. Ten times the power at £300 to £400 is all Sony needs to beat what MS and Nintendo have apparentlty got. It does depend on how much cooling and how powerful a PSU Sony's willing to stick in their next machine.


if 4 real the ps4 actually goes 4 $700 ill liked to be informed on how to get it

new changes???

if its over $800 i dont think ima get it or if sony only added 1 new thing ill stick to ps3!!maybe ill get 50/50 chance...


I would get it depending on how much it cost it's pretty sweet


I would get it even it cost me over 1.000 USD


Only If the specs are the best (by the way we want AMD Dual GPUs this time)

I'll switch to PS4 if:

I will pay what ever price for a better CPU/GPUs+higher RAM than XBOX720 (don't care about features: Kinect/move garbage) but better gaming hardware.


If the price isnt extreme and the ps4 is able to play ps3 games as well I was so dissapointed that the ps3 wasnt able to play the ps2 games..


Dont care about bluray/move staff.. Invest it in more ram, prossessor and best Graphics cards. That will leade you in top of Xbox again.


it not gonna be over 1000 usd it will be under that

playstation 3 and playstation 4

will your customer service be any better any time soon ? some just get plain nasty and rude


Nice read. The price/specs policy must involve some heavy duty optimization as the company is going to be financially strapped well into the future. Will be interesting to see. Cheers, tonod

Here's what I do...

Wait two years after release date to a) save that sweet, sweet cash b) creates my own personal 6 year time cycle til the next gen & C) wait for the insane retail value to drop low enough for us mere mortals.

Good plan.

That's a good plan. I wish I'd done the same after buying my PS3 on HP the day after release. I just so wanted to play Motorstorm and Resistance, will never forget when I unwrapped my sweet PS3 and sat down to see how sick they both looked. Had to go to my bros to see how HD looked on his TV, coz he'd bought a Sony Vega 40 inch. Amazing how I don't even think about having a full hd 50 inch TV how, my panasonic plasma is sick. PS4 shouldn't be as high a price as PS3 was, will have to wait and see.

The Cost.

1000$ is way too much. And with how this economy has be lacking in income, that will cause the selling rate to be very low for the year. 500$? Maybe, but id say keep the same for the first year as the PS3. Then when the upgradable console comes out, raise it up a few.

Yeah ok.. Good luck SONY..

I highly doubt ppl will bye PS4 for a 1000 dollars.. and if you ppl do, your crazy!! For that price, buy your self a couple of flat screens that are well worth that money.. I'm a chick that's a big gamer but no way in hell I'm going to pay that much for a system!!

$700 dollars it depends?

The question would i pay 700 hundred dollars for the next gen ps4 i would if they had a gaming bundle. First it would have to be backwards compatible i talking 98 percent of games of the bc can be playable for ps1 to ps3. Ps3 was bc for 80 percent of the bc games. Second I need the console can't be round it should look like between the ps2 fat and ps3 fat and make it look beast i don't care if it's gray or black just make it look good. Third it should have a extra controller and av cable and an hdmi cable just in case we want to change up.And it should be a eternet cable i have wifi but for some reason it didn't work on the ps3 so i need to use wired. Also the controllers need to be buit in speakers and it should be a setting on the controllers no more headsets please. Fourth we need hvd and just like ps3 blu-ray and dvd and cd drives and a remote for everything. And sony your not fooling anybody we know you get the hardware and software for the systems dirt cheap. Fifth 5 games so 3 full games on the discs and 2 preinstalled games all full versions of the games and if you do get hdv and keep blu-ray. It should be 2 blu-ray discs like anime dragon ball z or something in the dragon ball universe and zatch bell both uncut. Also 2 hdv movies maybe man on fire and mortal kombat something good. Sixth 2 terabyte to 5 terabyte hard drive and it should be a cooling system so the games and movies don't get stratched so easily do something more better things than xbox francise. Seventh protect from privacy and trolling if you want to stay at the top and please put a code in every box the says that psn store or whatever you call it. Should be free if it should be nearly every ps1 to ps3 game in the psn store and you should need a ssd card to do it. And it should be a way to get extra memory for the console for free and please fix youtube it looked horrible make it like the wii and pc youtube. Eight it should be security at the stores and malls from a 5 mile distance because im sure some people was killed over the ps3. Please tell the stores to protect the customer because gangbusters and smokers will try to rob you it should be security and cops alot of places watching. You say without the customer you all nothing prove it. Nine please if you do alot of the things i said with gaming bundle and hvd etc., please don't charge 800 or well over that because no body will get a credit card and they can't afford it the repo men will take it away and alot of there other things. And please have some security watch the stores because some people be getting games and systems for free stealing. I think it is an inside job some people they know like walmart for instance and target.And if they don't get it for free the people normally pay 50 bucks for one. And alot of those people be smokers that don't care about someone getting a game system they will sell it for small bags of the white powder. And last it needs a life of the console protection plan so if you do lot of those things i told you. Gaming bundle hvd movies blu-ray moviea and terabytes of hard drive and ways to get free memory and so forth and so on. Even if you don't charge 700 hundred it could be 600 to 650 dollars. P.S Please allow used games and no fee to unlock used or new games do not charge 100 or more for a game. If you do sony you will fall remember the other consoles atari the sega console franchise from sega to genesis to then sega genisis and sega saturn and sega cd and last that ended sega dreamcast. Sony that's what gave you ideas to make your gaming so good they were good but they fell you will lose if you be to greedy and leave things out you might as well use everything. You wasted ps2 it was only going to cost 30 dollars more and you could have made hundreds of millions more but you got cocky. If you make the same mistake again you might be you lose fatuality flawless victory.


you americans are so f*cking petty moaning about 700-1000usd the ps3 still costs R3800 in south africa... Thats equivalent to 450usd. i dont know why your all so f*cking selfish when it comes to money... Is it because your so poor or what?


yes some people are poor and some are not. the point is that most people don't want to pay more than $700 to $800 for a new game console. The PS3 new could be found less than $500. p.s. we are in u.s.a not Africa,and how many kids in Africa do you know that play a PS3?



Moaning ?

If the first world has to pay 800, people in Africa/Southamerica pay twice that. Meaning 1600 Dollar. You should be glad for our moaning it makes things cheaper for you too.

the answer to you

poor people don't care about there money. but the rich ones always care about the price of the commodities. So don't be f*cking idiot.


Hey do hate white people.+ you dont need say the f word. Buy the way we are not selfish also where not poor!!!! Thank you veary Munch!!!!

You likely won't have to

The only way the PS4 would cost a thousand usd is if it uses the best FX CPU from AMD and uses 2 7970s in crossfire, with tonnes of fast ram and a full PSU in the at more than 800 watts. TBH two full 7970s aren't required, a quad core or 8 core AMD CPU, with a single good GPU like a 7870 would be perfectly fine and capable of full native 1080p resolution, with high AA and AF and frame rates above 30 FPS. In a closed system something like the decent CPU with a good GPU would be more than adequate for the next 4 to 6 years before Sony comes up with PS5. Developers can probably get a lot more out of such a system if they're developing specifically for that hardware. 1st party games from companies like Naughty Dog would look amazing, they'd have over 10 times the flop count to work with provided Sony puts a sufficient PSU in PS4, but even if it's held back slightly and Sony limits the wattage, 7870 is a 2.56 tflop card, with far more shaders than the RSX or the cell RSX combo, right now Uncharted 3, The Last Of Us, the Kara demo, Beyond and God Of War 3 are pushing the PS3 and they look amazing, with ten times the power of PS3 we'll be seeing CG quality graphics easily achievable in the hands of the developers of those games. But yeah 1000 USD isn't needed to do that, about $500-$600 maybe, with some cleaver internal case designs, with decent wattage and cooling Sony can easily make a console more than 10 times the power of PS3.


when ps3 released in south africa it was way more than 1k usd and your moaning about 700usd for a ps4?

paying $1,000 for ps4

hi there only way i would pay $1,000 is if the ps4 uses a prototype storage option that is not out yet like a 20,000 rpm 200 gb voloci-raptor hard drive 2 10,000 rpm 1 1 terabyte hard drive voloci-raptors in a raid 2 200 terabyte laser hard drives with 200 tb/s read write soeeds thats 200 terabytes per second isolinar chips race track memory

I totally agree

This thing better have 10000 RPM drives and the best AMD Radeon card around to make it worth that much. Heck, it better work as an HTR for that much.

$1000 sure

i personally would pay for it because if its better than the ps3 than it is totally worth it. i will buy it when it comes to the U.S.A.

Lower price and needs to play ps3 games

No way are we going to blow 600/700$ on a ps4. No one will buy it at that price! Try atleast 400$ or 500$. A actual affordible price. And were going to have to sell our PS3's to afford that! So you should simpally lower it and make it able to play ps3 games, its going to be a long ride to get that because at that price? You will make 1/4 of the world live in a box spending that on a gamestation! Make affordable, able to play ps3 games, and plus by the time its out Sly cooper theives in time, and Playstation allstar fighters will be out! Then we blew our money on that! Just make it 400$ Thats as high as we can go without turning to a box after getting it or living with a freind. --Unknown