Pinball Arcade Brings Pinball To The PlayStation 4

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Now known as a dying format, pinball was once the king of the hill when it came to video games. Developer FarSight Studios is looking to keep the pinball tradition alive with Pinball Arcade for the PlayStation 4.

Pinball Realism
Pinball Arcade is different from other pinball video game adaptations, as the game digitizes real life pinball tables onto the PlayStation 4. Classic tables such as those based on Star Trek, Ripley's Believe It Or Not and Elvira are lovingly recreated in stunning detail right down to the last flipper. If you're an older gamer, these tables are sure to bring back memories and for newer gamers, it's a perfect way to see what the craze was all about when it came to pinball.

Previous versions of Pinball Arcade on other systems included the base game with a few tables for one price, with the rest of the tables being released as DLC. It's unclear at this time whether FarSight Studios will bundle every table into one package for the PS4 release or just sell the tables one-by-one like on other systems.

Release Date
Pinball Arcade will launch December 2013 for the PlayStation 4 as a digital download on the PlayStation Network. For older gamers who wax nostalgic about pinball, this is the perfect game for you!

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Pinball Arcade Brings Pinball To The PlayStation 4Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/1/2013

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where is the pinball game.

THE article on this page says it was released on November 15 2013 for the ps4. Its November 30th as I write this. I Still don't see the pimball game on the plaaay station store. Dave R

Thanks for the tip Dave! At

Thanks for the tip Dave! At the time of the article, Pinball Arcade was slated to be a launch game for the PlayStation 4 but was delayed at the last minute. We've updated the article with the correct release date!