PC vs PS4

There is a war that runs even deeper than the one waged between consoles each generation. It is a secret war, a hidden war. You all know it, but you assume the victor has already been chosen. Let's reopen those old wounds, shall we? It's time to pit the PS4 and the PC together in an epic battle that will be waged until the end of time.

PC > PS4? The Battle Begins!

Let's examine the PC as a gaming device. First of all, did you watch that video of GTA V on the PC above? Did you see how incredible it looks and plays? That's not an accident, that's the power of a gaming PC that is equipped with technology to run GTA V as it was meant to be played, which brings me to my next point. Nothing is set in stone with a PC as you can upgrade hardware parts to your liking. This might sound a bit complicated for someone who just wants to play games, but after a few years PC gamers are usually thankful that they can get their hands on new technology without having to buy a brand new machine.

Then, there is the competitive edge the PC offers. Still to this day, nothing beats the control and precision of a mouse and keyboard, especially for first-person shooters. The PS3 did support the combo for games like Unreal Tournament 3, but it went absolutely unnoticed and our standard controller won’t be replaced any time soon. Finally, let’s not forget the freedom the PC gives to the user and gamer. When you buy a console, you’re sort of a slave to what the company gives you. On a PC, any user on the web can come to the rescue of a particular problem in and out of your game and program something to fix it. That help can come in the form of brand new mods for your game or system fixes that patch the holes the developers left behind. Oh and let’s not forget that a program like Steam can help make your PC feel a little more like a console if you’re a beginner.

First Blood! Do We Have a Winner?

The benefits of a PC go beyond simple things like graphics and fixes to common problems. The PC is a canvas by which artists who are capable of understanding its language can paint their masterpieces. Many games have mods that add entirely new content for the game, in many cases at no additional cost. Yes, you can pump up the graphics, but you can also rest assured that the game will run at the frame rate and speed it was intended to.

Nothing is more atmosphere shattering than a sudden drop in frame rate. Unfortunately, there were plenty of examples on the PS3 where a game would run poorly compared to the PC version. A perfect example was Batman: Arkham Origins. I played this on the console first and I didn't like it. The other night I booted up the PC version and I was blown away. The graphics were incredible when turned up, the frame rate was buttery smooth, and the whole experience felt polished and optimized.

That's what PC offers, and it's why many times we see game reveals running on a computer instead of a console. The power is there, and the ability to keep pace with the market in terms of technology means you'll never be behind, provided you have the funds to keep up with the growing technology. So yes, there has always been a gap in the technology between consoles and PC as time goes on, but what about now?

The PS4 is more like a PC than any console before it. The system has modern level specs and an architecture that makes it friendly to all levels of developers. Now that the gap is smaller than ever, where do we stand in this ongoing battle?

Then, what does the PS4 offer that the PC doesn’t? Well, peace of mind, first of all. The “plug and play” experience offered by gaming consoles is still unmatched. Everything is supposed to work out of the box and is especially designed for gaming. When technical problems arise on your PC, you need to spend time reformatting, reinstalling, patching, etc. while the worst that can happen with a Playstation console is really having to ship it back to Sony to receive a new one. When you don’t even want to bother with computer lingo and computer repair stores, consoles are totally the way to go.

PC vs PS4

Or PS4 > PC?

Now let's examine it from the other side of the equation. The PC offers flexibility, top notch graphics and gameplay, and the precision of a mouse of an keyboard. On the downside, if something goes wrong, troubleshooting something that complex is a nightmare. It's also costly to keep up with the modern PC market. With new technology coming down the pipeline constantly, your wallet is going to hate you when it comes time to get that new NVIDIA Titan video card. Installation and building is also complicated, especially if you're not trained in how to do it.

Once you're in though, these things become second nature. It's a good life, the one of a PC gamer, but it's also costly and time consuming. Therefore, it's not for everyone. In the final years of the PS3, I would have ruled the PC the better choice, but with the PS4 now out and over a year old, I'm seeing the divide narrowing between the two. My biggest complaint with consoles last generation was the incredulous difference between the PC and console version of a game, but now the PS4 is showing titles that come extremely close to their PC counterparts, more so than ever.

The differences are subtle, but the performance is there and it looks incredible, and honestly, that's all I ever wanted. Do I want to play GTA V with max settings and at 60 FPS? Of course, who wouldn't, but I could also simply slide the disc into my PS4 and jump right into the game. No setting adjustments, no driver updates, just plug and play. That's where consoles will always have the upper hand. 99% of the time, you will put your game in and you will play it.

On the PC, this is still mostly the case, but too often will I find myself tweaking settings, adjusting files, or troubleshooting a title because it won't launch correctly. The PS4 has shown me that consoles can go toe-to-toe with the PC and bring both performance and convenience in a way that quells the PC Master Race genes in me. Call me a traitor or a turncoat, but I think my days of trying to keep my gigantic CPU tower up to par are coming to an end. For me, it's time to hang up the mouse and keyboard and grab the DualShock 4.

The war still wages on my friends! Where do you stand in this conflict? Do you keep your PC updated and on the forefront of technology? Tell us your thoughts and your specs in the comments below!

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 3/20/2013
Updated By - Bradley Ramsey
Insert Date: 4/08/2015

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online games

problem is, one type off pc games that all consoles missing, - is online rpg mporg? i dont know exactly how that genre is called (game sliek world of tank, dota, league of legends) are wery wery popular (wot 30milion gamers...its crazy) these games must come to consoles, and strategy games is still problem - many poeple beleave that consoles cant handle mouse or keyboard for playing strategies, thats nice misunderstood... as ps3 usb is open to use any device ; but .. system lacs same good strategy games - or they are much more poorer in term of visualisation or control ; so this side must be fixed too if consoles want take full control of pc gaming side - they need to ofer all what pc gaming have - control - grafiks - online ; poeple lack of knowledge taht console can have mouse/keyboard inputs ; and game creators too lasy to adopt some good games to have ability to use moue and keyboard (many fps is out for xbox and ps3, but wery few suport mouse.. even if i have taht mouse conected...)

ps4 forever

pc will never win

PS4 ??

How could you even compare a console that costs 399.00 to a pc. I have 2 cards that were 450.00 each in crossfire not to mention liquid cooled quad core at 4.8Ghz 16Gigs of fast ram, 3d monitor 1900x1200 resolution, solid state hard drive ect ect ect. consoles are like cell phones and thats what games on the ps4 look like compared to my rig. LOL HERES SOME NEWS PEOPLE CELL PHONES DO 1080P LOL PC MONITORS DO DOUBLE THAT SO HOW DO YOU EVEN COMPARE!! if your a 12 years old get your parents to get you a ps4 or xbox one lol. NOT EVEN INTERESTED ROFL

Problem with mouse on consoles

There would be an unfair advantage. Mouse vs controller player will become unbalanced. Not even saying mouse players will dominate the battlefield, but they will certainly take names. Majority of console users picked consoles because of the even playing field console gaming produces. Adding mouse support into online shooter would essentially ruin the game for a majority of users. Personally one main reason I would buy PS4 is strictly for exclusives.

PS4 vs PC

If you think about it PC does have the advantage to the PS4 due to the fact that you can upgrade your hardware and also if your running steam you can get Major discounts on games during lets say a summer sale. Im not saying PS4 is a bad console (I have both a PC and PS4) its just that the PC is more expandable. Dont get me wrong the PS4 is a great piece of hardware and id highly recommend it, but I feel personally that the PC (for now) is King.

Pc always will be better than console!!!!

Been building my own desktops since Pentium 1 days, pcs were better than consoles back then and they always will be!!! The console generation is suckered in because they have more money than sense and don't have a clue how to build a decent gaming rig!!!!