Ortz Gaming's PS4 Vertical Stand Review - The Ultimate Accessory?

Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand

When it comes to PS4 accessories, we've got options. When it comes to vertical stands, we don't have very many choices. On top of that, a lot of them are expensive and do nothing more than hold the system upright. It's no secret that the PS4 looks sexy when it's vertical, but unless you want to pay a premium for that look, and nothing else, it's not really worth it. This is doubly true if your entertainment center gets bumped into a lot by pets that could knock over the system.

At PS4 Experts, we weren't satisfied with just "giving up" on a great vertical stand for PS4. We wanted to find something that was worth the money and secure enough to keep your PS4 safe while it's looking oh so good. As part of this pursuit we ordered the Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan and I've put some time in with it to see if these is the ultimate version of this accessory.

Let's break it down and see if this is truly the best vertical stand that you can buy.

Packaging: Yep, it's Third Party

Let's start with the box that it comes in. After all, this is the first impression you get. The packaging is a very simple cardboard box with a blue and white color scheme. It's nothing to write home about and definitely screams "I'm a third-party accessory!" Even so, it has plenty of information across the front and back.

There are some awkward moments on the box, like "Unique Appearance Design" and a bullet point list that says:

  • Fashion
  • Perfect
  • Convenient
  • It kind of gives the impression that this was made without the advisement of a native English speaker. It all makes sense, but some of the sentence structure is awkward. It's not the best way to give off a first impression of a product, it doesn't scream quality on the box art, but let's dive in and see how it looks when you pull it out.

    Unboxing The Stand: I Know How This Works

    The stand is all in one piece when you pull it out, which means there's no need for instructions. It's all pretty self explanatory. Right off the bat you'll be able to see all of the stands features in person:

  • Two cooling fans to disperse heat
  • Two controller charging docks
  • Three additional USB ports on the front
  • A power button to turn the fans on and off
  • The entire stand is powered by plugging the small USB cable at the front into the PS4's USB once you've set it into the vertical stand. Like I said, very easy to understand from the moment it comes out of the box, which is a very good thing. The stand itself feels light, but not flimsy. It has a good weight to it.

    Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan

    The fans themselves aren't very powerful, you'll have to really feel for the draft they pull, but there is one there. On the plus side, they aren't very loud. Once I set the PS4 into the stand and booted up a game, I couldn't even hear them. How well they disperse heat is up for debate since they don't seem to pull a lot of air in either direction. That being said, you don't want them too powerful because then they could mess with the PS4's airflow.

    The actual stand lets the PS4 fit inside nice and snug. That being said, it does have some wobble to it, and there's no locking mechanism. It would take a good bump to knock the system over, but it's most certainly possible. This wouldn't be an issue if your PS4 is on a stable surface, but if it's not or it could get bumped by pets, this stand may not be able to keep it from falling over.

    The controller docks are placed on the side. They are very simple and designed in an odd way that has you place the controllers in upside down, thus blocking the lightbar and removing the ability to see how charged they are. (the light blinks to show the charge progress). The Charge contacts are also just kinda sticking out, which could easily lead to them breaking off if they get hit too hard.

    The Full Package: It Looks Good!

    Once everything is set up, I won't lie, the stand fits perfect with the design of the PS4. They flow together well into a cohesive look that is hard to believe wasn't designed by Sony. It will look good on our entertainment center, I can't argue that.

    Overall, the Ortz Gaming PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan is a great package that combines a charge dock, a vertical stand, a cooling fan, and a USB hub into one accessory that only costs $30. Normally you would pay that much for the charging dock alone, so I can't argue with the value here.

    Let's take a look at a final rundown of the pros and cons:


    • Four Accessories in one for $30
    • Relatively quiet cooling fans
    • Solid design


    • Controller docks have you place them upside down (can't see charge status via lightbar)
    • Fans aren't very powerful
    • PS4 doesn't lock into stand, could fall over if hit
    • Everything is powered by the PS4's USB (an external power cable would have been better)

    With a couple tweaks, and a locking mechanism for the vertical stand to keep the PS4 from wobbling when something bumps it, this could have been an absolutely perfect accessory. As it stands, it's a very good accessory that combines a lot of accessory features into one. The fact that it pulls power from the PS4's USB isn't ideal, I would have rather it used an external power source personally, but at the end of the day you're getting four accessories for $30. That alone is a convincing argument to buy this stand.

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    My USB hub for the stand stopped working

    I have had the ortz vertical stand for 2 months and the USB ports stopped working on it the controller charging ports still work but yeah just a waste of money to me poorly made