No Man's Sky Review

If there was an award for the biggest grind, No Man’s Sky would be this year's winner. This game offers so much and is yet so simple to learn. Simple doesn’t always mean easy and NMS is no exception to the rule. In other words, there's a lot to figure out. So what exactly is No Man’s Sky and is it any good?

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Shortly described, NMS is a sci-fi space exploration game where you discover solar systems, planets, species and materials. Along your exploits, you will learn new languages word by word in order to understand the different alien races you befriend or oppose. Upgrade your exosuit, weapons and ship in order to survive and press your journey forward.

The world is near infinite and there is no doubt, that is exactly how it feels. With choices of hoofing it by foot with the help of a jet pack to jumping into your spaceship and traveling near or far. There is always something to do, something or someplace to discover. Rename what you discover and upload it to the servers or keep the default name chosen for it. It's your discovery, so it's completely up to you unless you manage to find your way to a region/planet that has already been discovered and named by another player. Odds are slim you’ll find an already discovered area, but it has happened already. Sadly, the players could not actually see each other or affect the others world in anyway… for now.

There were a lot of concerns from the community in regards of graphics before the game released. All in all, graphics aren’t too bad. Needing to keep in mind this isn’t a Triple A title, but actually an Indie. An Indie that costs the same as a Triple A, but and Indie no less. This title has much more hype for than most games from small developers, but with good reason. NMS offers a lot and does live up to the hype for the most part.

Width 90%

You can find yourself spending days exploring one planet or once you’ve upgraded your ship, take off to the stars and explore even more. Have encounters with space pirates and have dogfights or make sail into a space station. Wreak havoc or spread peace, it's your story and there is no storyline to follow. Consider yourself a lone space traveller that answers to no one. I prefer to call myself a Xenoarchaeologist, but dub the job as you will.

You’ll encounter machines that may be friendly or may be deadly. They all have the ability to get violent with you, it sometimes depends on how act around them. Like a bee flying among the flowers, they may not bother you if you don’t bother them, other times it's like a wasp, they'll sting you for no good reason at all. Keep this in mind when farming/mining materials, sometimes creatures react just the use of your tools.

All the planets are different and offer new discoveries. While many of the species have similarities and you believe you have already discovered them, they aren’t actually the same. They all have different dna codes that are altered and blended with other creatures dna. You’ll definitely come across some weird looking creatures, but the only reason they appear strange upon discovery is because we’ve never seen them before. You get used to the creatures quick and all seems normal after about 5 minutes in.

If you are all about the story, but lack the imagination to generate a story of your own, this probably isn't the game for you. In the end, you make up the story. You need to decide why you found yourself crashlanded on a planet and you’ll do next. If you want to call yourself an intergalactic farmer or a space traveling tourists, it's all about you. I highly recommend you allow yourself to dig in deep and create a storyline of your own.Share your story with us and we’ll share it with the world, right here:

No Man’s Sky scores a 10 out of 10 here at PS4 Experts for its all around amazing quality. There are moments you’ll see the game freeze for a half a second during a save or certain action point. Once in awhile you’ll get notified of a milestone that you completed several minutes prior instead of instant messages, but these are the most minor and easy to overlook issues in the game. While it has the smallest of download sizes, it has the largest of world sizes and an on going galaxy you won’t complete in a lifetime. Be sure to try it out for yourself and let us know your score for the game!