Need for Speed Franchise "On Hold," According to EA

Need for Speed HoldElectronic Arts has revealed that there will be no Need for Speed game release in 2014, putting an end to the yearly releases the series had enjoyed for the last few years.

In a quarterly earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated that “Our concept of what makes a game today has changed. We are designing experiences for long-term experiences.”

It was revealed that the next game would be released in 2015 and Ghost Games, responsible for the well-received Need for Speed: Rivals, would be developing the game once again.

IGN spoke with Ghost Games' Marcus Nilsson, who stated:

"We’ve decided to take the time to build the game we really want to build in the next fiscal year. Looking at where the racing market now is, and looking at the Need for Speed brand, we see a pretty clear strategy of what we need to achieve. And to achieve that, we need time.”

After the disaster that was Battlefield 4 in terms of bugs, glitches and a general rushed feeling, Nilsson has the right idea by taking extra time to ensure the next Need for Speed is fantastic.

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 5/6/2014

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