NBA Live 14 – PS4 Experts Official Review

The NBA Live franchise has had a rough couple of years. After NBA Live 10, released in 2009, the franchise disappeared from the map for a couple of years due to "quality concerns." While the franchise was set to make an appearance last year with NBA Live 13, a poor demo showing prompted Electronic Arts to once again cancel the franchise. With NBA Live 14 officially releasing on the PlayStation 4 as a launch title, did a four year hiatus help the franchise or is the series still as broken as ever?

Unfortunately, the latter holds true for the game, and it's due to this that PS4 Experts will not be providing an official review of the title from our own perspective, but rather highlighting the problems surrounding the game so you can steer clear of it.

Why are we taking this approach? Unlike the bigger video game websites like IGN, we don't yet receive free review copies of our games, so everything we review we're buying out of our own pocket. With a game that is getting scathing reviews online, and one that the executive producer officially apologized for, we can't ask anyone that writes for us to waste their money on this product.

Wait, the executive producer officially apologized for this product? Just how bad is it?

Executive producer Sean O'Brien has released this official statement:

"We hear loud and clear that some of you are disappointed in various aspects of NBA LIVE 14, and I’m sorry if the game doesn’t live up to your expectations. Looking at your feedback, we have laid out a plan to make NBA LIVE 14 a better game as quickly as we can... We’re not going to stop there. You’ve also let us know that you’re disappointed by the graphics and animations, and I can tell you that we are committed to making drastic and immediate improvements."

NBA Live 14 – A New Gen, A New StartYou sure don't hear NBA 2k14's executive producer apologizing for his game, and for good reason.

What are the problems with NBA Live 14?

  • Poor graphics that don't look next generation at all
  • Stuttery, jerky animation
  • Confusing gameplay with poor in-game tutorials
  • A number of glitches and bugs
  • Poor artificial intelligence

Typical reviews for NBA Live 14 call the game unfinished, almost like it was rushed to market. For what reason, we'll most likely never know. Did EA want to get the game out for the PS4 release? Could it not handle cancelling the game for the second year in a row? Releasing the game in this state only harms the NBA Live brand even more.

Sean O'Brien states that updates will come to the game to update the graphics and animations, which shows that clearly this game was released in an unfinished state, another reason PS4 Experts will not pay money for this title. Perhaps there will come a time the game will be released in a finished state and we will go back to cover it, but it's doubtful -- EA will most likely move on from this game as quick as possible.

We didn't spend money on this title, and neither should you, not when the brilliant NBA 2k14 is available for the same system. Luckily for basketball fans, there is a much better option available to you on the PS4, so don't give NBA Live 14 a second thought.

We can't assign a review score to the title, not having actually played it, but hopefully this review enables you to steer clear of the title.

Final Score: N/A due to the game's quality

Game Category: Sports

Article Updated by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/26/2013

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2k sux

actually 2k has been slipping by not fixing the glitches and freezing problems on ps3 like after winning the nba championship in the third year of a rookie contract the game wil freeze during the simming the offseason. im excited about ea coming out with a game and expect great things from them.