MLB 14: The Show on PS4

The first sports game on a new system carries a stigma. Generally, the game will look amazing but will be missing features that were present in last generation's iteration as the focus on graphics over gameplay.

MLB 14: The Show was released last month on the PlayStation 3 to critical acclaim, with the game taking an extra month to hit the PlayStation 4. Was that extra month enough time to give the game a home run or does it strike out?

Nails The Basics
MLB 14: The Show succeeds at the basics of the baseball: The hitting, pitching and fielding are all top notch. If you've played any previous iteration of MLB The Show, you know that Sony aims for perfection with this series from a gameplay perspective and they have nailed it with this release. The stellar Road To The Show mode returns (and it's just as great as ever), Franchise mode is back in both online and offline variety, and Home Run Derby is a great way to kill a few minutes.

Let's be honest: If you've a hardcore lover of baseball, you likely already had the game on preorder and already own a copy. If not, purchase the game immediately.

With that out of the way, let's focus on what MLB 14: The Show adds to the series and why this year's release makes great strides towards the casual baseball fan.

MLB 14 The Show

No Seventh Inning Stretch Here
The two new additions to MLB 14: The Show have one goal in mind: Speeding up the gameplay.

First there is Quick Counts, a system that starts each batter a few pitches in. For example, a batter may come up at 3-1 or 0-2, meaning it may only take one pitch to strike a batter out or one foul ball to walk him. This system speeds up gameplay dramatically, as the simulated pitches means you're not needing to throw every pitch in a game. The official word from Sony is that Quick Counts can drop the time it takes to play a game to 30 minutes or under and in my experience, this number is accurate.

If you have even less time to play, the new Player Lock system enables you to just play as one particular player. You'll only play when your selected player is at bat and on the field, meaning you can wrap up entire games in ten minutes or less.

Both modes are perfect for gamers who don't have a lot of time on their hands and want to enjoy a game of baseball without the two to three hour long commitment of each game.

Another new mode, Community Challenge, enables you to play specific scenarios that other gamers have uploaded, as well as create your own. For example, you may be tasked with winning the game when it's the last pitch of the last inning and the bases are loaded.

MLB 14 The Show

Not Without Its Flaws
While MLB 14: The Show's new features are amazing and it does a lot of things right, there are some improvements that the franchise can still make.

For one, the game has incredibly long loading times, averaging upwards of a minute. When other games on the PS4 can load in five seconds or less, sitting through loading screen after loading screen isn't something we should still be seeing on the PS4. It starts to get irritating during long play sessions.

Lag during online play is also a problem and all too frequently rears its ugly head.

MLB 14 The Show

The PS4 Advantage
Simply put, MLB 14: The Show looks amazing on the PS4 and blows its PS3 counterpart out of the water.

The stadiums in particular are one area that was overhauled for the PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14: The Show, with each stadium completely rebuilt from the ground up for Sony's new system. Crowds are now fully rendered, adding an aspect of realism that just isn't present in the PS3 version of the game. Unfortunately, retro stadiums are not included in the PS4 version of the game.

The players themselves have featured a huge overhaul, with the number of faces increasing tenfold. Facial hair in particular is a huge improvement.

Finally, the PS4 version features a bevy of new animations and intros that give the game that next-generation feel.

MLB 14 The Show

Final Verdict
Despite its flaws, MLB 14: The Show is a huge improvement over the PlayStation 3 version and is the definitive version of the game. If you're a baseball fan, even a casual fan, you owe it to yourself to pick up this game immediately.

Final Score: 8/10

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 05/08/2014

Game Category: Sports

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i would say total control of pitches where the amount of finger swipes on the controller determines amount of spin on the ball ala earl weaver

Multi-announcer combos/stations

My main wish list item is there be more than just the same two announcers for every game (within the game). Would love to see the guys from NESN (Jerry Remy & Don Orsillo) and the guys from the YES network and so on. I know they can't have all the regional guys covered, but it would be awesome to have the Saturday afternoon games be FOX announcers, or big night games (or some rivalry games) be ESPN announcers and regional games be a different set of announcers. Even if it were four seperate announcer groups and slightly different lead ups to the game. Thanks

Mlb the show 14

I would love to see deeper customization especially with hair in the "create a player" for example, why can't I make a player with dreads like Andrew mccutchen? Or Clayton kershaws braids? And on that topic, we should be able to choose which second positions we'd like the player to have. Ex. It's impossible to make an infield/outfield utility man. What about ejections? Those seem to have been taken out of the game. Not to mention the multiple camera errors In 13...


2k has multiple throwback jerseys an alternates. About time the show gets with that.

mlb 14 wish list

i would ike to see more cut scenes, more drama when you hit homers, people fighting for the ball in the stands, people throwing the ball back, different camera angles on close plays, the optoin to use ped's and then be randomly tested and get suspended, also how about the money you earn go to buy a house, cars, etc. Then when you retire it could tell you you're good or you're broke.

New Old Time Stadiums!!!!!

Baseball, unlike most other sports, has unique stadiums. MLB The Show touched on this with a few old time stadiums, however, Ive been waiting for an expansion of stadiums for several years. Larussa for the PC used to have every old time stadium such as Ebbets Field, old Yankee stadium from 1923, Old Comisky, Old Tiger stadium. Great stadiums that Id love to see incorporated into the gaem.


The ps4 version should be available today. The season starts today not in may!! Come on sony get it together!!! Madden gets released before the season. Jus sayin

Glitches in RTTS PS4

I am on one team but when I go to awards or all star voting,I show up as playing for a different team and the stats are not even correct. If I acess the help, I get the drop down list but cant scroll down to select any topic. $70.00 for this?