Is Microsoft Just Copying Sony's Lead?

Is Microsoft Just Copying Sony's Lead?When the Xbox One was first announced, we saw misstep after misstep on Microsoft's part. Independent developers couldn't self-publish, a presentation that was all about the services and not the games, the lack of a headset, the fact you needed to have the device always connected to the Internet, the list goes on and on.

With the PlayStation 4, Sony saw fit to tackle each one of the Xbox One's faults head-on in numerous interviews and media briefings, showcasing why it was clearly the superior console. Over the last few months, we've seen Microsoft slowly retract almost every statement they made at the console's announcement, leading many to think that Microsoft is just following Sony's lead. Is it possible the PlayStation 4 has already won this console generation and Microsoft is just playing catch up? Will the Xbox One forever be doomed to be in the shadow of the PS4?

We saw Microsoft take a very vehement stance that it was not possible to self-publish on the Xbox One. Independent developers would need to find a publisher or else they would not be available for sale on the system. In comparison, Sony opened the doors to independent developers, frequently showcasing them at every event, including E3 and Gamescom. Microsoft has since reversed its stance on self-publishing, even going so far as to claim anyone can make a game using the Xbox One. Is this move too little, too late seeing as how many indies have now pledged support to the PS4?

We saw Sony talk at length about the PlayStation 4's lineup of games, with special focus on the games at each and every media briefing. In comparison, when the Xbox One was announced Microsoft primarily talked about the services it would have, avoiding the games altogether for the most part. After seeing negative fan reaction, and claims that Sony was the "true gamer's console," Microsoft quickly made a statement that they were just holding the games back for E3. While this statement ended up being true, the PS4 has showcased almost double the games Microsoft have at this point. One look at both companies Gamescom conferences shows that the PS4 is, and has always been, all about the games.

In an odd turn of events, it was initially revealed that the PS4 would include a headset (where the PS3 previously didn't) and the Xbox One would not include a headset, despite online gaming being a huge phenomenon. Once again, after the claims that Sony understands gamers this generation more than Microsoft, a headset is now included in the Xbox One.

Perhaps the biggest misstep of the Xbox One was the claim that the system would always need to be online and would not play used games, a claim that Sony called out the Xbox One on at E3. Sony stood by its ideals, claiming no DRM of any kind would ever be implemented on the PS4, eventually causing backlash against the Xbox One to be so high that Microsoft removed all online requirements from the system

Despite all the backpedaling Microsoft is doing, is the damage already done at this point? Microsoft has alienated gamers, developers and publishers alike with each bad decision they've made at the beginning of the console's life. To turn the ship around, Microsoft has had to copy every move Sony has made with the PS4, showcasing that clearly Sony is already coming out on top before the next generation even begins.

Is Xbox One Just Copying PS4's Lead?Microsoft, who came out on top last generation between themselves and Sony, has already lost its crown before the next generation even begins. We can't wait to see what further ideas Sony comes out with and how Microsoft will attempt to copy them.

What about, PS4 Experts readers? Do you feel Sony has already established itself as the leading force for next generation, with Microsoft relegating to sulking in their shadow, copying their every move? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 8/27/2013

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There is some damage

No one is complaining that the Xbox doesn't require constant online connection. The residual backlash facing MS now can be tied to its lack of credibility. I would say that main fault of MS from the beginning, was not the attempt of including unwanted features, but adamantly declaring that those features were non-negotiable and even more so, integral components of the new console. For someone to say that there is absolutely no way they could do something and then just turn around and seemingly do it effortlessly, pretty much destroys any credibility they have. Especially in terms of a business entity, can you really believe anything they promise you from here on out? If what is possible, is essentially equivalent to whatever they feel like allowing at the moment, what guarantee of quality or consistency of service does a customer have? A clear cut analogy being would be, being told there is no cure for [terminal disease] while there is one.

If MS took DRM & all the

If MS took DRM & all the online requirements off of the system so easily, it's safe to bet that those "features" are still built into the system and can easily be "restored" at a later date through a required firmware update when they feel like they've sold enough systems to get away with it.