Max Payne 3 Review

With the recent revival of many franchises, most people were not surprised to hear that a Max Payne 3 was coming out. They changed up his look and his job but will that be enough to bring him back to his former glory? Is Max ready to be back or should he have stayed dead? We go guns blazing to bring you everything you want to know about the game in this Max Payne 3 review.

The game starts off with a bit of a trip down memory lane and then it tells you how and why Max is now working in private security. The story is narrated by Max himself and he often ends up making fun of himself or asking himself why he is at it again. The new gig has Max protecting a rich family down in South America and has him drinking a ton of free alcohol. Without ruining too much things quickly go wrong and Max is back to his old ways of killing every bad guys he finds. Honestly the story starts to drag towards the end and I found myself asking “Is it over?” more than once. Just expect an unreal amount of bad guys you need to bring down and repetitive scenarios from chapter to chapter. The main story can get you about 8 hours if you are quick or a bit more if you search for all the clues.

The game play is pretty much your standard third person shooter. You pick up guns, fight bad guys, and take cover. The one thing that sticks out is the bullet time. This is the get out of jail free card. When you are in this mode you can bring down three or four guys down before they can even hit you. They also let you do a bullet time dive which is fun but normally leaves you open to being shot after it finishes. In order to refill your bullet time meter you need to kill more people and head shots fill the bar quicker. Honestly the game is pretty difficult even on the easier settings so you will want to save your bullet time for tight situations. For the most part, Max fills the role of action hero very well.

Speaking on the difficulty of the game the enemy AI is pretty good at killing you. As you progress they get more and more gear and bring more and more people. The game is never really fair but any Max Payne fan knows he has never had it easy. The enemy has no problem taking cover or tossing grenades at you when they want to outlast you. It should also be noted that while I was in cover and camping, the last enemy he would not pop out until I went back into cover. Pretty much, just always expect a large amount of enemies that have no problem walking right up to you in cover while the other guys are covering him.

Max Payne 3 ReviewAnother thing that makes it difficult on you is no regenerating HP. You need to find pain killers to heal yourself which can be scarce. As long as you have one, even if you are brought down you,you’ll probably survive. If you take too much damage Max gets a chance to kill the enemy that is bringing him down and come back to life by using a pain-killer. Just be sure to have ammo,because in this mode you can’t reload, and no bullets mean you die.

The graphics and sound in the game are pretty good. I never really had any graphical hiccups on the Ps3 version until the end. Towards the end of the game my screen would black out briefly than come back. I never ended up dead because of it but it is was still very annoying. The same thing happened with the sound towards the end but only in the cut scenes. Other then that the sound and voice acting is good. The voice actor for Max comes across as a gritty man with nothing much to lose and the rest of the voice actors do their jobs good as well. Oh and if you don’t speak the language you won’t understand quite a bit of the game. It sucks but nothing you can do about it. One last thing that should be added here is the subtitles. They do well in the beginning but later in the game they come way to early. I’d be reading one thing while a completely different conversation would be going on. Minor annoyance I suppose.

Multiplayer Afterthought?
Now for the big new addition to the Max Payne series, the multiplayer. The game comes with a multitude of multiplayer customization options but most of them will have to be unlocked. The game also has a few modes from the basic death match to the more advanced gang war(Objective based game play). Honestly with most games like this you expect the multiplayer to be kind of iffy but they got it right with this one. They added something called Bursts which are exactly what they sound like. These bursts range from locating enemies on the map, weapon upgrades and health upgrades, among other things. The other thing they got right in the multiplayer is the bullet time. I was really worried about this but after playing a few games I was really happy with how they did it. With the variety of upgrades, maps and modes, multiplayer is my favorite part of the game. Quick note, Rockstar has a pass for all the DLC as well if you really enjoy the multiplayer.

Max Payne 3The other mode in Max Payne is called Arcade mode. This is of course a score based game letting you net points in various ways. They typically pit you in a situation from the single player campaign and let you go at it. Accuracy, head shots, and proper use of bullet time are all parts of the scoring process. It is a nice little bonus but I didn’t play it for very long.

Don't Drag It Out
Okay now for the things that annoyed me with Max Payne 3. If I’m going to be honest the last few chapters of the game really did just drag on. It got utterly predictable at the end and I really just wanted to catch the bad guy. Seems like they could have just cut out a few gun fights and made the game a bit shorter since the multiplayer is fine.

All in all though the game is pretty solid and has long lasting appeal. If you are on the fence for this one or are just looking for something new to play I’d definitely go pick it up. At the very least you will feel awesome lighting people up during bullet time so why not give it a shot?

Article by - Blaine Smith

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Max Payne

Max Payne is one of the best games on the PS4. The story, the voice acting, the graphics, atmospher. You can really tell that they put love into this game. It is dark and it is Adult. A wonderful story articulated via console. If you have a PS4 and are above the age of 18 I definitely recommend this piece.