Madden NFL 25 -- Official PS4 Experts Review

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Football game series Madden is a video game institution, releasing on a yearly basis to massive amounts of anticipation and sales. While the series does have its vocal set of detractors, there are a large amount of football fans who enjoy and purchase the game year in and year out. With Madden NFL 25 releasing last August on the last generation consoles, does Madden NFL 25 for the PlayStation 4 warrant purchasing again?

For the most part, Madden NFL 25 is the same game on the PlayStation 4 as it was on the previous generation. It features the same game modes and the same online features with nothing being gimped on the PlayStation 4. That's a good thing, as too often companies will strip features from launch titles on a new generation just to make launch, so kudos for Electronic Arts for leaving the core game intact.

But Electronic Arts went one step further, adding some changes that change not only how the game looks but also how it plays.

A Visual Upgrade
The first thing gamers coming from Madden NFL 25 on the PlayStation 3 will notice is that the game has received a graphical upgrade. The players and crowd look more lifelike, stadiums feature more detail and the best part? Crowds now react like actual football crowds. They cheer for big plays and boo for the away team in a more lifelike manner than what we saw in the previous generation.

You'll see more detail everywhere -- the sidelines, the jerseys, the helmets, the animations; Madden NFL 25 definitely uses the power of the PlayStation 4. It makes us excited to see what a true next generation Madden will look like when it's built from the ground up for the PlayStation 4.

Madden NFL 25Luckily, Madden NFL 25 doesn't stop at just graphical upgrades.

An Upgrade to the Running Game
Madden NFL 25 uses a brand new engine on the PlayStation 4, dubbed the Ignite Engine, which changes the running game completely. Utilizing a feature known as True Motion Player framework, Madden NFL 25 features a level of physics that isn't available on any other version of the game. Players will animate quicker and more smoothly, akin to what you see in a real football game, lending a level of realism that will take time to adjust to. Once you experience the new physics, you won't want to go back to the old engine. The engine is one step closer to making Madden a true football simulation and not just a video game.

Defensive Upgrades
The artificial intelligence on Madden NFL 25 has increased thanks to the power of the PlayStation 4, leading to smarter defensive lines. Passing is a bit more difficult thanks to the smarter AI, again leading to a more lifelike football game. It's hard to pinpoint any one particular area where the new AI excels; it's more-or-less an overall experience that you will feel once you begin playing.

Final Verdict
Madden NFL 25 for the PlayStation 4 has been heralded as the definitive version of Madden NFL 25, and it's easy to see why. Not only do you get the best looking game, but you also get improvements to the defensive and running portions of the game.

Madden is now one step closer to a simulation, and the most exciting part is these changes were made with the constraints of the previous generation still in place. Madden NFL 25 is a great football game on its own merits, but looking at it as the first step in the future of the franchise is exciting.

The game isn't perfect -- occasionally players will make mistakes on the field that will have you shouting at your television, on-air personalities look odd and the occasional glitch or bug will cause frustration. However, if you're looking for the definitive version of Madden NFL 25, this game is perfect for you.

Final Score: 8/10

Game Category: Sports

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 01/01/2014

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