Launch Issues Plague The PlayStation 4

Surely, you didn't expect the PlayStation 4 launch to go smoothly, did you? As with any product launch, there is always a margin of error, hopefully encapsulating a small percentage of users and focusing on isolated problems. We all remember the early Xbox 360 issues with the Red Ring of Death, and luckily the PlayStation 4's problems aren't nearly as bad.

In fact, Sony claims that only .4% of all consoles suffer from any issues, with the most notable issue being the system giving off a pulsing blue light and not outputting any video. The cause of this issue seems to be linked to the HDMI output on the system, with the only avenue for fixing this problem that is available is to return that system.

On Twitter, Shuhei Yoshida claims the incidents are isolated and most users don't need to worry.

One issue that does affect all users, however, is the instability of the PlayStation Network. As expected, the PSN has been up and down all weekend, as flocks of gamers attempt to access it to download games, play multiplayer games and stream video. Luckily, this problem is only temporary as Sony adds more servers and the traffic levels out.

PS4 Experts readers, are you part of the .4% suffering from problems with your PS4? Judging by comments on other articles, some of you have definitely been having some problems, so let us know in the comments if you found a fix!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/16/2013

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I did and it wont download


I almost can't stand it but I knew without a doubt I would be waiting at least 90 days from launch to buy a ps4. You can beta test all you want but when thousands then millions start using your product, then the bugs come to the surface. I'll wait for the fixes and patches before trying to buy a system that may give me errors or problems.


The only two problems I have are it keeps saying wifi disconnected and the biggest problem is it keeps deleting cod ghost multiplayer download which is 746 MB and gotta wait 3 hours every time you play sucks but called Sony and they said they are aware of the issue so hope they fix it

No Problems

So far I am pleased to say that I am not having any problems with my unit. It is working great. I did read about the massive amount of faults with the units pre-ordered through Amazon. I can't help but wonder if it is their handling methods... or if Sony will even look into the reason so many PS4's are coming up bad through Amazon.