Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Travis Wall Review

February was somewhat of a dull month for me personally. Outside of playing Monster Hunter: World, which released in January, I was faced with disappointment. I was foolish enough to purchase Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and I actually anticipated enjoying it. Long story short, I was left feeling like this was one of the worst friggin games I have played in years. No offense if you love this game, but I just can’t overlook everything I feel is wrong with it.

2 out 10 seems harsh for just about any title, but if I was to put on a number on it, that is the score I offer. This game released with a day one patch that was the same size of the initial game and I would have hated to see what it would have been like without it. There are so many bugs and glitches in this game, they alone make it frustrating to play the game. Long load times that seem constant and sometimes include crashing the title. The list goes on and on.

I found the story rather boring with dialog feeling like a puppet show. Sometimes the camera zooms inside of my characters head or inside the head of the NPC I am speaking to and I can’t see anything at all. It happens during cutscenes sometimes, and it ruins the experience for me. Worse yet, I have been dealing with combat issues. I will end up in a battle with 4 or 5 bandits and my sword does nothing. It goes through the enemy as if they were ghosts. I have tried requipning my weapons and trying other types, and once the glitch starts, I can’t shake it until I restart from my last save point. I can use my bow and arrows, but it doesn’t when fighting 4 thugs in close range combat. To have to constantly restart or flee battles, makes the game even crappier.

There is a huge list of items being addressed in an upcoming update for the game, but it will come nowhere near making up for the frustration the release offered. I will surely go back and playthrough a little bit after the release and see if does any justice, but if there were ever an easy way to get my money back for a game I just didn’t like, I would want to use for this game. I wouldn’t even play for the 7 days, I would have brought it back within hours. I play a lot of different video games and I love almost everything I try, but every once in a while I find a game that I just absolutely hate. Kingdom Come: Deliverance just so happens to be one of those games…

My advice to you is skip it. If you are thinking about buying it, buy something else you’re interested. This game will be in a bargain bin before you know it. While visually, it does have some nice looks to it, that is about all it really offers. You can have all the foraging and side quests you want in open world game, but if half of it doesn’t function properly, it means nothing. I’m so disappointed with Deep Silver right now. I will be wary before I purchase another product they develop. And while other outlets are giving this game what they call a fair rating, I have to scoff. This game is compared to hundreds of titles released in the last few years and it doesn’t come close to what it should be.

Now that you know how I feel about this game, I am curious if you have played it. If so, do you enjoy it? Why or why not? What matters most to you in a game?