How much does the PlayStation 4 cost?

How much does the PlayStation 4 cost?Sony is releasing the Playstation 4 for a retail price of $399/€399/£349/¥38,980

Different bundles are also available and the prices may vary. The variation in prices depends on what version you're getting: normal bundle or basic bundle. If we look at, the basic bundles are being sold at $459.98 while the normal bundle goes up to $519.97 and here's a list of a few of these games that are known to be included so far:

Battlefield 4 and PS Plus Launch Bundle
Killzone and PS Plus Launch Bundle
Knack Launch Bundle
Watch Dogs Launch Bundle

You should also consider what you're getting for the price. At launch, buying your own PS4 includes a DualShock 4 controller, a mono headset, and the PlayStation 4 Eye.

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida isn’t above adjusting the price of the PS4 after launch to better compete with other gaming consoles either, so you may want to consider a wait-and-see approach before leaping at the first chance to own your own PS4. Remember the launch price of $799 for the PS3? Yeah, those were dark times.

Updates about the PlayStation 4's price can be found on the following page:

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how about $299.99

$299 Playstation

Yes when would you like me to buy it

Price change for the worse

Every retailer I have access to locally or that has a website that can be used to order merchandise has raised the price of a PS4 by $50. I thought Sony set the price and now every retailer is gouging customers with an inflated price even though none of them have had a PS4 in stock since before christmas. I may as well just buy an Xbox-one since everyone has them in stock.