How Independent Developers Changed Sony And The PS4

How Independent Developers Changed Sony And The PS4We all know that Sony has taken a shine to independent, or indie, developers with the PlayStation 4 -- one look at the launch lineup, which is just about half comprised of independent developers, is proof of this. But what caused this shift? Why did Sony start focusing so heavily on independent developers, after almost ignoring them for the majority of the PlayStation 3's lifespan?

At the London Games Conference, Shahid Ahmad, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's head of strategic content, went into detail about how the "indie revolution" helped define not only the PS4, but the PlayStation brand as a whole.

"When the power structure shifts to the content creators, the old buildings might still be standing but there's new people in there. New content creators, with new ways of doing things. That's what's happened to PlayStation." Ahmid went on to state that "It's through the experience of the last few years that PlayStation is emerging. We realize we have to be focused and passionate about embracing that new space."

In other words, Sony realized that the gaming landscape was changing and decided to roll with the punches, so to speak, unlike its competitors such as Nintendo, who has been known to stick to the old ways as much as possible. One look at Blockbuster, who was slow to adjust to a changing movie landscape and is now closing for good, is proof that Sony is making the right choices lest they end up as just another Blockbuster.

Ahmid also mentions how the rise of digital purchases has led Sony to take more of a focus on indies, stating "Everything to do with publishing is becoming digital. The speed at which an individual can make a company, a product, and market it to people is instant. It used to be a multi-year cycle."

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Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/14/2013

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