Hotline Miami 2: PS4's First Gruesome Game

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The original Hotline Miami took the gaming world by storm, first appearing on the PC and then later the PlayStation 3 and Vita. With the sequel, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, what can PS4 gamers expect from the sequel? Read on to find out!

What Is Hotline Miami?
Hotline Miami is best described as a 2D top-down action game, similar to the sort of games you'd see on the NES, SNES or Genesis. For old school gamers, games like Robin Hood on the NES or Shadowrun on the Genesis are the closest graphical comparison. The concept of Hotline Miami is simple: kill or be killed. You will use whatever objects you find in a level to kill all enemies within that level. In this sense, Hotline Miami is like a puzzle game, as you plot the best route through a level that will kill all your enemies silently and efficiently.

One hit from an enemy and you're dead, so careful planning is a must. Hotline Miami is described as an incredibly difficult game due to this and because there are no checkpoints: if you die in a level you must restart it. Luckily, levels are short and the game is fun enough that replaying levels never feels like a chore.

However, what makes Hotline Miami stand out is its slant towards violence. Enemies don't just slump over dead, they bleed profusely, as limbs and other body parts fly off with a successful kill. Your character is violent, massacring his enemies with broken bottles to the throat, axes to the face and even a drill into the brain. Hotline Miami was one of the most violent, gruesome games to come out last generation and Hotline Miami 2 looks to top it.

Does Hotline Miami sound interesting? Want to play the original before the sequel comes out! Great news, then: Publisher Devolver Digital has announced that the original Hotline Miami will be hitting the PlayStation 4!

Hotline Miami 2

No release date has been announced but it has been confirmed the game is Cross-Buy, so PlayStation 3 and Vita owners of Hotline Miami will own the PS4 game for free (and vice versa!).

How Will Hotline Miami 2 Be Different?
So far, it won't be. Gameplay will be similar to Hotline Miami, which is what fans wanted: more of the same. While there are more protagonists in the sequel instead of just one, and they all play differently from one another, the core gameplay is the same: kill or be killed.

Hotline Miami 2 is expected to feature new weapons, enemies, music and stages, though developer Dennaton Games has not revealed any of this information as of yet. The game is also said to feature even more gore than the original.

One new gameplay element that has been revealed is Hard Mode, for those players who felt the original game's difficulty wasn't difficult enough. Hard More will include reworked levels, remove the ability to lock on to an enemy and will challenge even the most hardcore player.

Check out the latest trailer, Dial Tone, released April 2014 for a good look at the gameplay:

PlayStation 4 Specific Features
In a post on the official PlayStation blog, publisher Devolver Digital commented that it is looking forward to using the PlayStation 4's unique features in the sequel.

"In the meantime, Dennaton Games will be thinking on how best to take advantage of some of the wonderful features of the upcoming PS4, and also make better use of the PlayStation Vita, all while seeing how both can be used together for a better experience."

Hotline Miami 2

Release Date
Hotline Miami 2 is releasing for both the PlayStation 4 and the Vita on March 10th, 2014!

Unfortunately, the game has been refused classification in Australia, and will not be releasing there at all. Publisher Devolver Digital had a statement for Australian gamers who still want to play the game: "Pirate it."

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Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 9/16/2013

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