Horizon Zero Dawn review

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of those games where the hype train is on track and actually pulled up to the station. In other words, the hype is real.

In Horizon Zero dawn, you play Aloy. A young girl that was banished from her village and deemed an outcast at birth. As part of the villages law, it is not allowed for villagers to even speak to an outcast. As a child, Aloy has no idea why she was deemed an outcast, but the harsh treatment of others, inspires her to train in the wild with her mentor, Rost.

After years of training, Aloy comes of age and begins her journey for the truth, by first taking part in an annual ritual that is hosted by the village. The ritual or test if you will, allows those coming of age villagers become braves and earn their place in the village. It is open to all, including outcasts that coming of age, for one chance at redemption.

What happens after the completion of the trial? Well, you will need to play the game yourself to find out. You could of course google it or ask a friend, but this is meant to be a non spoiler review, so the rest of the storyline shall be a mystery from here.

Cutting right to the chase, I am giving this game a 10 out of 10. Of all the games I have reviewed in the past, this game truly deserves its rating. Featuring a vast open world, the landscape is absolutely beautiful. When playing the game, the graphics manage to stay near par with the cinematics. It is done so well, that I can’t begin to imagine just how much effort was put into bringing us this title.

While graphics aren’t everything, they are hugely important in video games today. To add to the graphics is an incredibly well written storyline. It is easy for some gamers to find themselves in a gaming zone where they are simply playing a game like a programmed robot and they forget there is in fact a story. Horizon won’t let you forget as the story is just too damn good to ignore! Bravo to the writers, seriously, they did an excellent job here.  

The weapons and abilities you acquire are awesome. With the elements of a proper RPG, you will always have something to do. Whether you just want to relax and forage items for potions, ammunition and upgrades or want to battle as many different creatures as possible, you will have something more to do than simply a story walkthrough. The game is also chock full of side quests and has photo mode that is great for catching the perfect snapshot of battle at the angle you want to see it from!

Love, tragedy and mystery all drive this title to new horizons… No pun intended, it just fits. Horizon Zero Dawn, should be considered a new standard for video games. The developers at Guerrilla, have seriously set the bar high and game makers need to take notice. This is what triple a gaming is all about!

Have you been playing through Horizon Zero dawn? What do you think of the game and what would you rate it? Don’t forget to explain why! It's always good to have some thoughts to back up a simple “I love it” or “hate it” comment. Share your thoughts and we’ll discuss! Just please, try not to spoil it for others that have not had the time to complete the game. Nobody likes that guy...