Games to play this Halloween!

Halloween is upon us and and gamers from different parts of the world are celebrating. After dishing out a few tricks and collecting some treats, why not continue the fun with one of these great titles to keep the mood going? In no particular order, here’s a list of the most recommended games to play on Halloween!

Friday The 13th The Game
You shouldn’t be surprised to see this one make the list. This surprise smash hit brings one of the most iconic horror icons in the movie industry to players hands.You are either playing as Jason himself or running for your life as a counselor.

This indie title did extraordinarily well and while it has had its share of issues, it’s a really fun game. As Jason, you get to hunt down the counselors and murder them in a number of ways. Keep your eye out for environmental kills. If you’re quick enough, it can be an instant kill when grabbing a counselor within the environmental kill radius.
As a counselor, the party is over dude. You will need to find a way to survive Jason’s murderous rampage. You can attempt to survive the entire match, escape by calling the police, in a car and sometimes by boat. None of these tasks are as simple as they sound and require a little or a lot of footwork. If you’re killed, there’s always a chance you will come back as Tommy Jarvis, so long as someone has called him in on the CB radio.

The Evil Within 2
If you haven’t played the first entry of this game, I would suggest playing that first, if possible. That aside, The Evil Within 2 is a shoe in for the list.

I find this game is visually appealing with a creepy storyline and excellent audio to boot. Some of the characters are unforgettable after an encounter and while the game can get a little frustrating at times, it’s the perfect mood setter for All Hallows’ Eve. Turn down the lights, crank the surround sound, and let your imagination do the rest. No spoilers here!

Alien Isolation
There is something about Alien Isolation that makes me feel almost claustrophobic. I get startled easily with this game and I am not ashamed to say that I have had to put the controller down walk away for a bit. Not out of anger, but simply because I can only so much startling. You’re not going to find yourself running around with a flamethrower and taking out ALIENS, in this one. Oh no. You’re pretty helpless most of the time and that can get pretty nerve racking. Will you survive?

Resident Evil 7
The Resident Evil franchise has had some ups and downs over the years, Resident Evil 7, brings the long running series back to its glory days. Navigation is smooth and enemies are fierce. Perhaps the creepiest aspect of the game (for me that is), is the exploring. Eerie music sets the tone. Not knowing what may come next and the feeling of being lost comes to mind. Put on your thinking cap as you solve puzzles and face nightmares you didn’t know you had. Even better, you can play through in VR and really get immersed into the game.

Dark souls III
Not everyone is a fan of the challenging Dark Souls series, but I am a hardcore fan of the franchise. The boss battles are epic and the game offers some pretty fantastic (original) lore. I haven’t gone beyond new game ++, but I’ve completed the game 3 times. If you’re main concern is that you’ve heard the game is too hard, not to worry. The Game is a lot easier to plan people claim. If you’ve never played, just take your time and learn from your mistakes early on. I would also recommend BloodBorne. A spiritual successor to the souls series BloodBorne is a lot of fun to play.

Call of duty Zombies (zombies from any CoD game will do)
Unfortunately, Call of Duty: WWII isn’t available to us just yet, but luckily for us, there are plenty of CoD games that feature Zombies. Zombies mode is so popular, I am surprised they haven’t released a solo Zombies game yet. Separating the mode from CoD would probably do Call of Duty more harm in regards to sales, but a solo title would likely become a number one seller and many fans would be pleased. Anyway, Halloween, Zombies, they go together like Peanut Butter and jelly, right?

The Surge
The Surge is a pretty decent game, but I don’t think it is worth a full $60.00. If you can grab a copy for at least half off though, then you’re in for a treat. The Surge doesn’t tell you much and the story unfolds towards the end, Storywise, it is lacking details, but this Sci-fi horror action mashup can be quite satisfying on All Hallows Eve. Upgrade weapons and equipment, fight zombie type enemies and machines. A good time for the right price!

Dying light
Zombies, Zombies, Zombies, and Parkour! If you have not played Dying Light, you are missing out on some real magic here. I don’t usually enjoy parkour games, but Techland really made great use of that type of movement system. Zombies, quests, tons of Easter Eggs, you really can’t go wrong with this game on Halloween. If you don’t like parkour, maybe consider playing Dead Island, or better yet, The Last of Us!

That covers my list for this years Halloween gaming. There are so many more titles that I wanted to list, but instead of having me list more, I thought you might be interested in sharing some additional titles with me. What games would you recommend for Halloween this year?