How do I Extend the Battery Life of my DualShock 4 Controller?

The PlayStation 4 is bundled with a shiny new controller. Literally, it’s shiny. The light is so bright you can literally use it as a flash light. The blue LED light that pops on when you turn on the controller is an automatic function and combined with the fancy touch pad, may be draining the life out of the DualShock’s limited battery life. Fortunately, there may be a way to get past some of these issues and extend the life giving you, the player a little bit longer before you have to plug it back into the system with that tragically short cord.

Change the Power Saver Settings
How do I Extend the Battery Life of my DualShock 4 Controller?This is probably the first and easiest thing to do. Your controller by default will stay on all the time, which is fine if you’re in a gaming session, but what if you’re watching a movie or someone calls you away for an hour or two for something urgent (it probably won’t actually be urgent)? You'll be sad when you come back, because there is nothing worse than coming back to a near-dead controller.

What can you do? Instruct your PS4 to turn off after a few minutes of being idle. You can change these settings easily in the PS4 Settings Screen under ‘Power Saving Settings.' This is a fairly simple process, and it is this simple step that will solve the issue of it dying when you forget to turn it off. Even though it seems like it’s common sense, you probably haven’t done it yet.

Light Bar Shines Bright
Battery Life of my DualShock 4 ControllerThe Light Bar is certainly bright, and while it may seem as if it is sucking away your controller’s battery, it’s actually not. It’s an LED light which is a low power light. However, just for argument’s sake, you can actually disconnect this bit. If you’re feeling frisky, you can take your controller apart and you’ll find that the light is connected by a ribbon card.

Disconnect it. Done.

Honestly, this will not save you a ton of battery life. Maybe it will give you an hour or two but it won’t double the time before your battery gives you the red light. Or give you relief if you just hate that much light. This video details how to disconnect it so you can find the ribbon and not have to deal with the glowing Light Bar any longer.

Play With an Extended USB Cable
Battery Life DualShock 4 ControllerI get it: this isn’t the PS2. Why would anyone want to play a game with a wired controller? I sure don’t, but if you want to extend your controller’s life when you’re deep into a marathon session of gaming, the best (and cheapest way to do this is to plug your controller up to your PS4 via an extended USB cable. You can find these at any retailer in your area, or if you’re feeling lazy (or in my case, snowed in), you can order one off of Amazon for only a few bucks.

Depending on how your PS4 is set up, playing with a cable attached may be a bit easier said than done. For the majority of you, playing with a cable will be a mild inconvenience at the worst. Sure, it’s a pain and it sucks having to play with a wired controller, but it’s a lot better than having your controller die on you in the middle of the action.

Quick Note: Keep checking the charge status of your controller as you play. You do not want to keep your controller plugged up to your PS4 when it is fully charged, as this could keep the controller from keeping a charge as long as it should. The moment you notice your controller is fully charged, unplug it immediately.

The Future
So the PS4 has just hit the user market and we’ll likely see some changes at it becomes more evident how the system is being used (or not used). Hopefully we’ll just see more functionality with the touch screen so it won’t seem like such a waste of precious resources.

Perhaps we’ll even see some patches where you will be able to disable the touchscreen and the light in order to extend your battery life. That’s something that’s beyond right now but I’m sure we’ll see developments in the future.

So player, does the light bother you? Do you think your life would be perfect if your controller played for a little bit longer before needing a charge? Do you think the touch screen is useless and wish you could turn it off? Sound off in the comments section.

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 12/13/2013

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