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There's a new trend in today's horror genre that's pushing titles with lots of jump scares and some kind of "monster" always chasing you at every turn. It's fun for a while, but it gets exhausting. That's why I get really excited when I hear about a game that takes the alternate, but arguably more difficult route of trying to create psychological horror.

It's easy to create a jump scare, but to really get inside someone's head and truly terrify them? That's a lot harder. Today we're looking at Grave, an upcoming horror title from Broken Window Studio that promises to terrify your psyche through psychological horror. Color me excited, let's check it out!

From Kickstarter to Consoles: Grave's Story

Grave is a procedural (randomly generated) open-world survival horror game. It aims to incorporate modern and classic horror elements from titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. While it was mean to release in 2015, the game has a small team and they're going to need more time.

The game was funded on Kickstarter by 1,111 backers. In total, it earned $37,622. The team working on it is using the Unity engine to bring the experience to life.

Here are some of the game's major features that should catch the eye of a horror game fan:

  • The ability to take action during horror moments. You'll need to find the right tool for each situation though.
  • Light is your main weapon against the enemies. You'll use things like flashbangs and gasoline to create light in each situation.
  • The world is inspired by surrealist art. It changes and rearranges while you play.
  • The story is rich and filled with strange characters. There are multiple acts and plenty of ways that it uses the surreal setting to its advantage

As you can see, the game has a lot going for it. The choice to create a surreal world for a psychological horror game is challenging, but ultimately it's one that pays off in making the game stand out from the rest.

The game stars a character who is killed in a home invasion. You wake up after dying to find yourself in a strange alternate realm. The game has a day and night cycle where you'll explore and solve puzzles in the day, and fight for your life at night when the creatures come out to play.

In order to escape from this world, you'll need to find your killer who sent you to this place called "The Wasteland." It's an interesting setup, and it provides good background for the surreal setting and events.

The game has a focus on giving the player choices as well. Every item, creature, and location in the game has two or more ways to interact with it. This brings a sense of divergence and adds a dynamic feel to the game's world.

Unpredictable and Uncertain Gameplay

Given the procedural and randomly generated nature of the game, you'll never experience it quite the same way twice. As you explore the desert, you'll see things morph and change all around you. Entire locations will blip out of existence before your very eyes.

At night, terrifying creatures emerge to stalk and attack you until dawn. You can play the game how you want. If you think the best idea is to hunker down and set up defenses, then do that. If you think you should grab the first thing you find and stay on the move, that's fine too.

Procedural horror is one of those things that hasn't quite worked in the past, but Grave seems like it has a world that is unique enough to not seem bland from being randomly generated. I also think the story will help to combat any fatigue that can sometimes come from games like these.

What do you think of Grave? Will you pick it up when it releases? Stay tuned to PS4 Experts for more information when the game comes out!

Article by - Bradley Ramsey

Insert date: 3/5/16

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