Gran Turismo 5 Preview

Gran Turismo Gran Turismo is a series that has thus far had an impressively immaculate run. Through 4 main installments, a PSP offering, and several offshoots, the series has sold over 50 million copies, putting it firmly as one of the top selling series ever. As such, the anticipation for part 5 was incredibly high. Yet for all the hype surrounding the game, it just may end up exceeding everyone’s wildest imaginations.

No Lack of Effort
In development for more than 6 years now, Polyphony Digital has had a team of more than 100 working tirelessly on their opus, pouring $60 million into the development of the game. So sought after has the game been that’s its teaser Prologue version has sold nearly 5 million copies; so devout have its developers been, that said Prologue will scarcely resemble the real thing by the time it goes on sale.

One of the most notable new features of Gran Turismo 5 will be the ability to mangle up any of the close to 1000 cars in the game, a feature most gamers have longed for since the first entry. An advanced physics engine will calculate and display damage exactly as it would occur in real life, save for the painful neck with optional neck brace for you, the driver.

While the majority of cars will display a more rudimentary form of damage (comparatively speaking), GT5’s collection of some 200 premium cars will bust up and deform in spectacular fashion. These cars have been meticulously digitized to the point that their in-game likeness is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing (claims that have been made in the videogame world for many years, but are now truly about to be fulfilled).

Not only will Gran Turismo 5 be an incredible showpiece for the PlayStation 3, and possibly end up as its bestselling game, it may also offer a glimpse at some of what we can expect from the PlayStation 4. Polyphony’s Kazunori Yamauchi has said that his team may actually have gone too far in rendering the premium cars, and that such a level of detail may in fact be better suited for the next generation of consoles.

The 1000 cars, car damage, and spectacular graphics are just the tip of the iceberg though. Car customization has always been one of the many features and selling points of any GT game, and this facet of the game will be taken to new heights with GT5, especially as it relates to the aforementioned premium cars. Players will have near limitless ways to customize and tweak their rides, making crafting the perfect ride possible, though ever so elusive.

The game will feature 20+ tracks, including a few old favorites and plenty of new ones. While 20 tracks would be a good number for any racing game, there will actually be more than 70 different layouts contained within those 20 tracks. Some of these new tracks will take advantage of some of the prominent new licenses Polyphony acquired for GT5.

Rednecks Rejoice!
For Americans (at least those in the south), the inclusion of an official NASCAR license, to go along with NASCAR cars and tracks should prove incredibly appealing. In addition to NASCAR, GT5 will also introduce Super GT and World Rally Championship licenses to the game. These licenses should make for some exciting leagues and events, modeled after real world competitions.

Another benefit for those who can take advantage of it is the fact that GT5 will now come in 3D, something that wouldn’t have happened a couple of years ago. 3D is only one of GT5’s technological tricks though, as it will also incorporate the EyeToy peripheral into its gameplay in the form of headtracking, which will put the gamer in the driver’s seat like never before. In this mode you’ll be restricted to a first person view, and must move your head left or right to see what’s around you. It should make for an incredibly challenging and immersive experience.

One thing’s for certain, PlayStation gamers are going to be in for one heck of a treat come November 2, as the long overdue Gran Turismo 5 will finally hit stores. I’ve never been more excited for a racing game, and honestly I didn’t think I could even get this excited about one. This could very well be the game that defines the genre for the next decade, and will likely leave all others in its dust well into the PlayStation 4’s lifespan.

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GT5 has got more cars, more realistic handling and more tracks. Forza cant win.

More Cars? LOL

Are you daft? Gran Turismo may have more tracks, and they are better modeled (no way you can get a stock car around the 'Ring in Forza in around the same time as the real life time - something off about Forza's track scale). But more isn't always better, ESPECIALLY when it comes to cars. Firstly, only a handful of them are premium. Which means only a handful of cars on a handful of tracks actually look good - the rest of the time it just looks terrible. Gran Turismo has the worst car list I've ever seen. There are 12 Ferraris total in Gran Turismo...compared to 13 CIVICS alone. Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Subaru make up 80% of the car list. There are 16 Honda NSX's, 18 S2000s, 23 Mazda MX5's, 19 RX7's, 26 Lancer evos....Do I need to go on? It lacks GT cars, the upgrade system is crap, you can't paint your cars, the used car lot is the dumbest idea ever integrated into a video game (when you have such an extensive list of cars you couldn't give a crap about and then you have to wait for hundreds of those useless cars to go through until the 4 or 5 you care about show's stupid), the car sounds in GT5 are by far and away the worst on the market today, and Tiff Nedell, a professional race-driver, independently tested the top games on the market today and said GT5 and Forza 4 were equally unrealistic in their steering feel and gameplay (although he made it a point to say GT5 sounds horrible). So yes, GT5 has more cars, but Forza has more cars that you WANT to drive and is a much more immersive gaming experience: tuning, painting, car clubs, game-modes (even though the PI system in Forza isn't nearly as good as the PP system in GT5, so fewer cars are competitive in FOrza).


froza has nice cars but does not compare


ps3 is better


gt5 is the best driving game ever


Agreed, awesome racing game, cant wait for the next. Ps4 will dominate. CAPT.SNIGGINS