GameStop Plays Host To Special PS4 Trade-In Event On November 10th

GameStop Plays Host To Special PS4 Trade-In Event On November 10th

If you live in the United States and you already pre-ordered your PS4 then Sunday is looking like a good day for you.

In a special press release, GameStop has announced that any items traded in on November 10th towards a PS4 will receive a whopping 90% extra trade-in credit! If you are a Power-Up Rewards member, you'll still receive an extra 10% bonus on all items you trade in, doubling all trade-in credit towards your new PS4.

Here is the exact wording:

"The events will allow customers to bring in their pre-owned hardware, software, or consumer electronic trade-ins early to pay-off their pre-ordered Sony PlayStation 4 consoles, as well as purchase available games and/or accessories. As part of the one-day event celebration, GameStop will provide customers a special hardware trade-in offer on their pre-owned systems when applied toward paying off their pre-ordered PS4 console*. Customers will triple their bonus credit when they trade in a system, resulting in 90 percent extra in-store credit on top of their system’s original value."

We called Gamestop to get more clarification for those who have not pre ordered yet to answer the following question:

What if I did not pre order my PS4 through GameStop yet?
You're kinda screwed, you wont get the 90% extra in store credit BUT you can still probably get an extra 30%. Learn more here.

GameStop Trade In Tips:

Call your local GameStop to see if they are offering the deal (most are) and to see if you need to make an appointment

Sunday is going to be busy with tons of gamers trying to do this deal so go in early, don't delay.

Expect long lines, be prepared to wait

Get all your PS3 stuff together now and be very thorough. (Console, controllers, power cables, USB cables, move controllers, games, accessories, etc)

You can check on your power up rewards account here.

Darron Nielsen, senior merchant of GameStop, has given the reasoning behind this special deal, stating that "This allows consumers the ability to purchase a PS4 at a more affordable price, making it more accessible for gaming fans."

Keep in mind that the trade-in offer only applies to the PS4, not towards games or accessories.

PS4 Experts readers, will you start trading in your PS3 systems and games en masse on Sunday? Share your own tips or advice below in the comments!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 11/7/2013

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