Indie Games – One of Sony’s Main Advantages?

Indie Games – One of Sony’s Main Advantages?

Well, after E3 2013, people were aware of two things for sure: Playstation weren’t going to put restrictions on used games and their support of indie games is once again undeniable. Microsoft might’ve changed their mind concerning used games, but their long-time policies “against” indie games certainly makes Sony the clear winner in that sector. Do indie games matter? Well, it’s easy to count these smaller games out until you witness what they’re really capable of.

  1. Resogun
  2. Tiny Brains
  3. Flower
  4. Super Motherload
  5. FlOw
  6. Pinball Arcade
  7. Don't Starve
  8. Doki-Doki Universe
  9. Escape Plan
  10. The Witness
  11. Mighty No. 9
  12. Rime
  13. N++
  14. Outlast
  15. Strider
  16. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
  17. Transistor
  18. Mercenary Kings
  19. Galak-Z
  20. Ray's The Dead
  21. Abe’s Oddysee: New N’Tasty
  22. Secret Ponchos
  23. Octodad: Dadliest Catch
  24. Blacklight: Retribution
  25. Primal Carnage: Genesis
  26. Rocketbirds 2
  27. Putty Squad
  28. Hohokum
  29. Helldivers
  30. Trine 2: Complete Story
  31. Carmageddon: Reincarnation
  32. Trials Fusion
  33. The Binding of Isaac Rebirth
  34. Minecraft
  35. Rogue Legacy
  36. DayZ
  37. Guns of Icarus Online
  38. Hotline Miami 2
  39. Contrast
  40. Human Element
  41. Daylight
  42. Hyper Light Drifter
  43. Divekick
  44. Volume
  45. Towerfall Ascension
  46. SteamWorld Dig
  47. FEZ
  48. Stealth Inc. Ultimate Edition
  49. Basement Crawl
  50. Strike Suit Zero
  51. Mercenary Kings
  52. Pure Chess
  53. That Trivia Game
  54. King Oddball
  55. Cel Damage HD
  56. Titan Attacks
  57. Outlast Whistleblower DLC
  58. Stick It to the Man

Sony did a great job at making those games shine at their 2013 E3 conference by presenting them in quick succession. They didn’t go too much into depth for each game, but getting a feel of the artistic and gameplay styles of these titles was just enough to pick our curiosity really. Sony’s indie portion of the conference started by a new mention of Johnathan Blow’s The Witness, which people certainly remembered from its clean and colorful visual style shown at the PS4 reveal in February.

Supergiant Games presents Transistor
Transistor, a strategy game by the creators of indie superhit BAstion. Transistor features a colorful and futuristic world, in which the player fights from a Diablo-like view and blasts away powerful attacks with clean and attractive animations. Transistor releases May 20th, 2014 on the PlayStation 4 and will be $19.99.

Game Category: Indie

Secrets PonchosSecrets Ponchos is a very nice looking game from Switchblade Monkeys. With its mix of shooting and fighting mechanics in a western setting, this game made from people with true talent certainly turned heads.

Game Category: Indie

Ray’s The DeadRay’s The Dead from Redtag Studio is a zombie action puzzler and its humorous and adorable visual style will certainly made an impression. In this one, your goal will be to raise a zombie army and solve the storyline’s mystery.

Game Category: Indie

Abe’s Oddysee: New N’TastyLorne Lanning’s Abe’s Oddysee classic will be getting a new version called Abe’s Oddysee: New N’Tasty. It is also coming to Playstation Vita and Playstation 3.

Game Category: Indie

Galak-Z The DimensionalLast but not least, and perhaps my favorite, is Galak-Z The Dimensional, a frantic sidescrolling open-world space shooter from 17-bit Games. These creators are looking to take this addictive game genre to the next level.

Game Category: Indie

HohokumWe now know that a title named Hohokum is coming to the PS4. What is Hohokum? It’s a creative and artsy 2D game that actually aims to relax gamers with its open gameplay, visual quality and vibrant colors. The developers simply wanted to put together a game that was fun to move around in, without any objectives stressing the player. You simply hop on your flying serpent with your characters and explore the unique environment the developers have put together for you. Hohokum will also be available on PS3 and Vita.

Game Category: Indie

So in conclusion, hats off to Sony for displaying indie games in such a fun and interesting way at their conference. The setup on-stage was memorable and imprinted our minds with an image that embodies the fact that they take pride in supporting smaller developers. Sony ran away from E3 with a definite feel that they’re the “defenders of the community”, and despite the fact that Xbox One reversed its intentions on used games and “always online”, this positive impression is likely to a long lasting effect on the next console wars. Stay tuned to this page as more indie games get added.

Everybody saw the great eight indie games that were announced by Sony at E3, but that’s not all there is to the PS4 indie world.

Stay tuned right here for more indie game additions to the PS4 family. See you around!

Article by - Marc-André Messier
Insert Date: 07/09/2013

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