Gamers Aren't Buying The PlayStation 4 For Its Games...

Gamers Aren't Buying The PlayStation 4 For Its Games...

If DailyFinance is to be believed, that is. According to the website, over four million PlayStation 4 units have been sold yet not one PS4 exclusive game has sold anywhere close to that many units according to NPD sales numbers. However, we here at PS4 Experts refute the assertion that PS4 owners aren't buying games, it's just the standard metrics of calculating game sales are outdated.

Yes, no one PlayStation 4 exclusive cracked the NPD charts, but this is because the NPD changed how they calculate the data. Rather than calculate individual platforms when accounting for sales, the firm simply lumps every platform together to create one number. Do we really expect Killzone, which is released for just one system, to beat the sales of Call of Duty: Ghosts, released on five or six platforms? Perhaps if games were broken down into platforms, like the old days, you'd see Killzone or Knack make an appearance. In addition, the NPD doesn't calculate digital sales and doesn't take into account every game retailer, so the numbers are flawed. While the DailyFinance article briefly mentions this, it places too much faith in NPD numbers.

In addition, the DailyFinance article postulates that most people are buying the PlayStation 4 for its entertainment features and not necessarily its games, but this seems like a stretch. If you'd interested in a Netflix or Hulu box, chances are you're buying a much cheaper Roku and not a PlayStation 4. We've seen your comments on the website and on Facebook, and we know most gamers are buying the PlayStation 4 for its games.

At PS4 Experts, we do feel that games are the driving force behind PS4 sales but not necessarily the games currently released. Drive Club, Watch Dogs, inFamous: Second Son, Metal Gear Solid V -- these are the titles that drive PS4 sales, with many gamers buying a console just so they are ready for the influx of games that will take full advantage of the PS4.

What about you, PS4 Experts readers? Did you buy a PlayStation 4 for the currently released games, the future games or for a different reason altogether?

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 1/23/2014

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Kinda sorry I bought mine...

I play my PS3 a lot more than my PS4. Kinda wish I had not gotten it yet. So much of the PS3 online experience is gone with the PS4. The games are sparse and do give that new console feeling at all. Guess I will have to keep hoping that Sony pulls a rabbit outta their hat and makes this thing worth owning.

3 comments same user?

You might be bored with it because you are online writing multiple comments about how you are sorry you bought it. lol

old one

im the old one man, 30y that started ps story with almsot just couple best beloved games mgs1 nfs1 nfs3-4, tekken3 and GT ofc ps2 i bought only for tekken mgs and gt zoe ps3 only for tekken tdro and, gt, wipeout ; t6 was awfull many games went down.. even mgs i seld.. there are some totaly new games like flowers :) and some couple detective genre, but actualy i lamost droped off playing after unsuccesfull multiplaformed tekken serries.. ps4 ? i may say maybe only for gt maybe wipeout or if it would be realeased zoe, mgs? my fave ? i dont think it would be that one.. last best mgs was mgs2... old style i doubt on this one.. all went too much multiplatform (meaning all games seriously droped down on quality)


I bought my PS4 just because I had a chance too... (Meaning by chance one was available.) I am 40 and have been a gamer all my life. Must of burned out three or four PS ones on Tomb Raider. Then came PS2, Socom I,II, & III, ATV Fury, Madden and so on. Then PS3 and you name I still play it. So far on my PS4 I have only played some demos and watched plenty of PS live. Waiting for something good to be released. I wish they would make another Socom..!

movin' on

i've played warhawk on the PS3 for 6 yrs and although i miss that game, it's nice to be playing new games for a change. i also sold my PS3 so i would be more accepting of my new console. time to move on.....

Just want to find one

I'm on my PS3 everyday, without fail. I want a PS4 not for the current games, but because I see the capabilities and what the future has to offer. But... finding a ps4 is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, in a field of haystacks. When is this issue going to be resolved?

Ps4 games are so expensive

i'm not buying a Ps4 just because of it's games are too expensive.Until you don't drop down the price of games i won't buy it,even a lot of other gamers won't buy Ps4. I'm requesting you to sell the games cheap. thanks.


Well I've had my Ps4 for 2weeks now and I simply love it though there are not a lot of games for it bit we have to be patient and they will come like God of war dynasty warriors and exclusive Sony only games x box one is not for gamers but for TV viewing we want to play not watch TV bottom line Sony is the best hands down and ill continue to be a Sony man thanks so.y