Top Rated PS4 Wall Mount

PS4 Wall Mount

Since the dawn of gaming, we have grown to treat out consoles like irreplaceable pieces of ourselves.

Sure, they’re expensive, but as time goes on, that value climbs higher and higher with each memory you forge by playing games on it. How do you keep it safe though? How can you possibly guarantee its safety day in and day out? Most people will place it in an entertainment center, but what about airflow? After spending eight years in the video games retail industry, the number one thing I heard about from heartbroken console owners was that their system overheated, or got knocked over.

One other thing, why are we shoving something as gorgeous as the PS4 into a tiny cupboard where it can collect dust? The PS4 is one of, it not the most beautiful gaming system I have ever laid eyes upon, so it needs to be displayed for all to see and revere. The vertical stand won’t do the trick, and if your television is mounted on the wall, well good luck finding a spot to keep your PS4 safe. Here’s a hint: the floor doesn’t work.

One Pair of Gamers who Dared to Dream

It took until roughly a year ago, but a pair of business oriented gamers finally cracked this age old nut of storing your systems in safety. Andres Delgado, co-founder of Forza Designs (, started the company with his business partner in the hopes of providing the world with safe, well designed, and secure wall mounts for their televisions and their PlayStation 4 consoles. Andres himself has been a faithful gamer like so many of us, since the NES.

“One day, I ran out of space between my Xbox 360, PS3, and my PS4, and I thought of mounting it. I like to have things clean and neat, plus the new consoles are aesthetically appealing. When a wall mount for consoles didn’t exist, I decided to create one,” Andres said when explaining the idea for their product.

That’s the very definition of innovation right there folks: if something doesn’t exist, then someone out there should take up the mantle of making it happen. All you need is motivation, some know-how, and a whole lot of willpower. So, now that the world has been graced with a PS4 wall mount, what makes it so special? As it turns out, there’s a lot to love about this new design.

A Design Fit for the King of Consoles

The PlayStation 4 Wall Mount from Forza Designs is a high quality product made right here in the USA. Here are the official specifications of the wall mount:

  • Weight: 1.9 Lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.2” x 11” x 1.2”
  • Materials: Solid Steel
  • Made in Baltimore, MD (A.K.A Made in America!)
  • Fits snug, holds the console securely on the wall
  • Doesn’t interfere with ventilation or normal functionality
  • Can be mounted to either side of the TV
  • Basic screws are included, although the mount is designed to utilize a wide range of screws based on the user’s preference
  • A patent pending design that is one-of-a-kind and a must have for gamers everywhere

Should You Buy This Wall Mount?

So now that you know the background of the company, you've seen my glorious video review, and you know the specs on it, what's the final verdict? The answer comes down to your setup. Honestly, if you have a reason or a desire to get your PS4 up and out of harm's way, or perhaps you want to ensure it has good air flow, then this is your solution, hands down.

My only complaint is that it doesn't come with any instructions, but that's a nitpick because it's pretty obvious how it works. Once you get it set up, the PS4 slides in and stays snug. It can move left and right with a smidge of wiggle room, but it didn't foresee it sliding out or anything, provided you put the mount up level and not crooked.

A locking mechanism or something to hold it place so it can't slide back out would have made me feel a bit better, but it wasn't loose in the slightest, so again, just a nitpick. The only other obstacle you'll have to face is how you want to hide or run the cords. The location I chose in the video review was the best option for my setup, but you should keep your options in mind before you start drilling.

With a reasonable price tag, solid design, and a very nice presentation once it's all set up, I'd say this is a great option for your living room, especially if you have mounted items already. It will fit right in and you won't even see the mount. It looks like your PS4 is floating.

Final Verdict: If you want to mount your PS4 on the wall, this is the way. It's a buy.

Article by - Bradley Ramsey
Insert date - 9/25/15




Yaa its safe to use. No assembling and de assembling daily..... and will be free from dust... Good thing to have for such a precious and valuable ps4

Where can i get one?

You can buy 1 or 2 at ForzaDesigns(.)com

Available on Amazon

Also available on Amazon, just type PS4 Wall Mount.