Fifa On PS4 and Vita? Could It Be The Ultimate Fifa Experience?

I am a huge Fifa fan, and the focus of today’s article is all about one thing. That one thing is the future of Fifa, not only on the Playstation 4 but also the PlayStation Vita. You see I really hope that this next generation of console will be able to give me the ultimate Fifa experience. Furthermore, I am not actually even talking about anything to do with the game-play.

If you have both a Playstation 3 and a Playstation Portable, there is a nifty little feature that lets you in a very small way take your Fifa game on the road with you. Now this is a bare bones idea, but it was more than enough, a couple of years back to make me buy another Playstation Portable and a copy of Fifa, (I think it was Fifa 11) so I could have this feature. The thought of playing through my career, in my living room and then being able to continue my game while I was at work (on my lunch break of course) this sounded like the greatest idea ever.

Well it was in theory at least, but it was actually quite limited. My first complaint is that for whatever reason my created players lost all of their features. I am not talking about stats such as there speed, strength and stamina and so on. They remained, but there physical appearance was replaced with just a basic looking character who was bald. And all of my created characters looked like this. I know that the reason for this was due to the difference in the "create a player options" on the Playstation 3 and Playstation portable, but it was still very annoying.

This was a great idea, but merging your 2 games was actually a bit of a pain in the butt. You see you would need to connect your Playstation Portable to your Playstation 3 and then transfer the data. For some reason it would always work ok, transferring my data from my Playstation 3 to my Playstation Portable, but doing it the other way round was always a major hassle.

Fifa On Playstation 4 and Vita, Could It Be The Ultimate Fifa Experience?So this brings me to the upcoming Playstation 4 and the Playstation Vita which as I write this is a now over a year old. I really think that the Vita has failed to live up to the expectations. Which is a damn shame because anyone who has one will tell you it is a fantastic system, but its potential has not even been remotely tapped yet.

One huge way for me this can happen, is by linking games such as Fifa. I know that there is a baseball game that lets you play on the Playstation 3 and continue your game on the Vita. I am not a baseball fan sorry, so I really do not know to much about it. But from what I have heard it works pretty good.

Fifa on the Playstation 4 should have, no I actually think it must have, the ability to connect with the Playstation Vita. Let us continue our career modes on the go! The Vita and Playstation 4 should in theory be able to sync up the game data much easier than the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable could. And I want my full career mode to be carried over, as well every little stat every created by the player. I want it all right in the palm of my hand. Honestly, I really do not think this is to much to ask.

As well as being able to take my game on the road, I would also like to be able to play the game on my Playstation 4 with my Vita. Fifa 13 on the Wii U has a great framework for how great Fifa can be with a touch screen controller. I do not want any gimmicks like taking a free kick with the controller or anything like that. I want this, so I have easy access to making tactical changes and making substitutions. I am a real tinkerer with my teams in Fifa, and being able to do this with a quick tap on the screen would be great, and make the game much more immersive than having to press pause all the time.

While EA have never once said that future Fifa games on the Playstation 4 will feature any kind of cross platform play, or any kind of connectivity with the Vita. I honestly think they will, and it will be far greater than what we had with the Playstation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Heck, even the Playstation 3 and Vita to me has not really lived up to what many of us thought it would be. So maybe the Vita was planed all along with being connected to the Playstation 4, rather than the Playstation 3. And maybe Fifa could be one of the key games to utilize this connectivity.

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 3/12/2013

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