Far Cry 4 Journeys to the PS4

Far Cry 4 on the PS4

The Far Cry series has come a long way from its first release ten years ago. What was once a PC exclusive, not really known outside of that group of gamers, has become one of the biggest first-person shooter franchises today. Much of the success lays in the hands of Far Cry 3, the game that combined open-world gunplay with beautiful environments, a compelling plot and memorable villains. Ubisoft is hoping to making lightning strike twice with Far Cry 4 for the PlayStation 4.

Welcome to the Himalayas
Far Cry 4 continues the tradition of placing you in a far-off, exotic locale by setting the game in Kyrat, snuggled in the Himalayas. Playing as Ajay Ghale, you return to Kyrat after being gone for many years, only to become embroiled in a civil war revolving around freeing it from the clutches of notorious dictator Pagan Min. If the story sounds eerily familiar to Far Cry 3, you'd be correct, but why fix what isn't broken?

The similarities spill over into the gameplay as well: Ajay will need to free Kyrat by taking over outposts and liberating the land. Like Far Cry 3, players will generally have two options: Charge an outpost head-on or attempt to sneak your way into it, taking out the guards one by one.

In short, if you enjoyed Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 looks to offer more of the same, which is good news for the millions of gamers who bought and loved the first entry.

Ubisoft has released a new trailer showing off just how diverse this new landscape will be. Check it out!

New Gameplay Enhancements
Much of the gameplay remains the same: There is open-world exploration, animals to hunt and ingredients to gather. However, in an attempt to differentiate it from its predecessor, Far Cry 4 adds a few new elements to its world: gyrocopters, elephants, grappling hooks, and wing suits. Ubisoft claims there will also be new weapons and vehicles, but have not yet detailed what those will be.

Take a Look at the New Weapons

Ubisoft has just released a new trailer showing off some of the game's new weapons, such as the Kukri and Auto-Crossbow! Check it out below:

Far Cry 4 will include drop-in, drop-out co-op, letting another player join your game at any time. Other multiplayer modes have been teased, but nothing has been formally announced, though Ubisoft has mentioned there will be co-op missions set outside the main game, similar to how Splinter Cell handles it's co-op.

Also included in the game will be a map editor, letting you create your own missions.

15 Minute Ending?

A fun easter egg has been found, letting you finish the game in under 15 minutes! Check out the video below for details, but be warned that this features spoilers for Far Cry 4's story:

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Content
Ubisoft has revealed that the "Keys to Kyrat" feature will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 system. This feature will let you invite any gamer on the PlayStation Network into your game for two hours for some co-op gameplay, even if he does not own the game.

Season Pass

Ubisoft has unveiled the Far Cry 4 Season Pass, available at the game's launch for $30. The Season Pass includes:

- Three New Missions
- "Hurk's Deluxe Pack," containing five short missions along with a Harpoon Gun
- A new multiplayer game mode

This Season Pass looks to be lacking, especially for $30.

The Mighty Elephant Trailer
Check out the newest trailer for Far Cry 4, showing off how the mighty elephant will aid you against your enemies:

Free Limited Edition Upgrade
Preordering the game at a participating retailer will automatically upgrade your copy to the Limited Edition for free, giving you the following bonuses:

- Three additional single player missions
- "The Impaler" Harpoon Gun

In addition, each retailer is offering a different bonus weapon depending on where you preorder the game. For example, Amazon is offering an Elephant Double-Barrel Rifle, while GameStop is offering a Driller Machine Gun.

Game Length

Director Alex Hutchinson revealed on Twitter that players can expect Far Cry 4 to be "probably 35 hours long" if they aim to complete all the side content.


On Twitter, Ubisoft has released some of the statistics of its players to date:

Release Date
Far Cry 4 released on November 18th, 2014 for the PlayStation 4, just in time for the holiday season.

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