Does Sony have exclusive deals with any developers for the PlayStation 4?

There are many things that gamers take into account when they are trying to decide which system to back while the next generation of systems is being premiered. Some people focus on the technical specs of the system which in the past was an easy way to decide what system you wanted to stand behind. There were marked difference between them. Now the hardware is very similar in a lot of respects as are many of the bonus features. They are becoming closer to the same as more players are voicing what they want to see and how they want to play. However, with the gap in technology closing, players still have one thing that they can use as a sort of guidepost in making their decisions: the games. Looking over the upcoming library can help gamers to decide which system they want to purchase based on where their favorite developers end up at.

Sony does have a few exclusive games lined up for players looking for a certain genre of game to play. Sony is making a smart move this generation too, as they are offering a wide variety of games that players are going to be clamoring for this holiday season. Thus, Sony is offering a little something for everyone, which is going to result in the PS4 hopefully being a console ‘for everyone’ rather than for a certain genre of games. Remember when the original Xbox pigeonholed itself as becoming known as the console that was ‘solely for FPS fans’ near the end of its lifecycle? Yeah, the PS4 isn’t going to do that.

So which games are going to be exclusive to PS4? Glad you asked! First up, let’s discuss the indie titles that are going to be console exclusive to the PS4. This lineup includes indie darlings such as Don't Starve and The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, which have been beloved on the PC for quite some time. Sony seems to be favoring indie developers and welcoming them to the PS4 fold, and in my opinion it’s a very smart move. Indie gaming is hot right now, it’s where many of gaming’s innovations are coming from, and to have some of the best indie games make their way to the PS4 exclusively (for the time being of course)? It just makes a whole heck of a lot of sense.

The PS4 also has its share of big studio games as well, and what better way to ring in a new console than having some of the greatest PlayStation exclusive franchises make their PS4 debut? Of course, I’m talking about the next entries in the Infamous and Killzone franchises, inFamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall, respectively. The two games will be available for fans of the series (and awesome action-packed games in general), and it will only be available for PS4 players!

Does Sony have exclusive deals with any developers for the PlayStation 4?Sony has been in the gaming business for many years and has managed to build a following of loyal and devoted fans. With the new console generation, they are also pulling in new fans who may not have a history with the PlayStation brand. This is incredibly smart on Sony’s part, as instead of focusing on a handful of AAA studios that may only be to churn out a few gamers per console generation, they are instead placing the bulk of their focus on small, indie developers that already have a history of developing excellent games. Add to the fact that they are also focusing on tried-and-true AAA franchises that have made the PlayStation brand the exciting, beloved brand that it has become over its nearly 20 years in existence, and you have a console that is casting a larger, more varied net that aims to pull in a variety of resources and experiences that is going to please as many people as possible.

Is it a good idea for Sony, as far as obtaining exclusive games are concerned, to place their focus on smaller indie developers, as well as AAA studios that have proven to provide them with good games in the past? Should Sony have opted to obtain exclusive deals from other AAA studios instead? What do you, the reader think?

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 10/21/2013

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