Edge Magazine Claims PlayStation 4 Is Next-Gen Winner

Edge Magazine Claims PlayStation 4 Is Next-Gen WinnerIn this week's edition of the top PlayStation 4 news stories from around the Web, we start off with Edge Magazine making a bold proclamation: the PlayStation 4 is the winner of the next generation console wars. The next issue of Edge magazine, due in one week, states boldly on the cover that "This Is Your Next Console" with an image of the PlayStation 4. The magazine will look at why the PlayStation 4 will be dominant along with why "it is the only option for consumers." We've included a picture of the magazine's cover.

To further cement the PlayStation 4's dominance is rumors that Demon's Souls 2 will be making an appearance on the machine. A little known fact is that Demon's Souls, originally published by Atlus in the United States, is a Sony property; at the time, Sony didn't feel confident bringing it out to the West so Atlus took over publishing duties. With the popularity of the game, along with spiritual successor Dark Souls, Sony looks to be revitalizing the series for a PlayStation 4 run.

A Microsoft executive who had said that technical comparisons between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are "meaningless" has now gone back on his statement. He explains that he meant it was all about the games and not the hardware that powers them. We know the truth: the PS4 specs are far superior compared to the Xbox One.

While Xbox One forces the Kinect upon you, SCEA President Jack Tretton has claimed his company won't be doing the same with the PS4 Camera. In an interview with IGN Tretton claims:

"...for the development community and for the consumer it should be a choice. If you’re a developer who is excited about the camera and really think you can integrate that into making a great game, please do it. We’d love to have you on board. And if you’re a consumer who is interested in buying the camera, we’d love to sell it to you for 60 bucks."

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Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 7/2/2013

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PS4 is a joke

SONY may claim this is next gen, but really it is just a remodeled XBOX ONE. The only differences are: 1. The price 2. No 24-hour reboot required 3. Different release dates 4. It is slightly less shiny The PS4 is going to be just like the PS3! The same old glitchy, crashing, fake XBOX knock-off that it always has been!

your statement is ignorance

your statement is ignorance and honestly sounds like one of an xbox fan. look at the specs. there are difference in both systems and neither is a knock off of the other. oh wait thats right xbox has decided to follow in sonys footsteps. they said that themselves.you good sir sound like a iphone user and an ignorant american citizen that hasnt a clue about things.

I resent that. I'm an iphone

I resent that. I'm an iphone user and understand Sony has always been the best console maker since psx


where did you get that idea from? it is true that with any of them you're getting screwed and they keep saying: you want it nice and deep dirty apple?! Ex: PS3 had free online; I'll take free any day vs paying...now that both companies will charge for most of online experiences through service subscriptions...anyways, PS4 is better and more powerful, yaayyy! And iphone is more like beats: overpriced, n so is xbox one.

playstation has always been about next gen and fun games

playstation came before any xbox system. Xbox caMe later and was almost destroyed by ps2 if not for halo. Ps3 was hard to make games due different os than other consoles. Thats problem wii u now. Plus xbox 360 broke regularly thats fact. Ps4 cheaper but more powerful than xbox one yet cheaper. Its easy to make games for too. Ps4 didnt try to screw consumers like ms does regularly. If you own pc you know what i am saying.