Tecmo Koei Needs Your Help Improving Dynasty Warriors 8

Dynasty Warriors 8

Over on Facebook Tecmo Koei has asked for help with identifying bugs in Dynasty Warriors 8: XL Complete Edition for both the PS4 and Vita.

"We received your feedback regarding DW8XLCE PS4 connection problems and PS Vita frame rate drops. Can you let us know more detailed information? Our team is keen to know more details, such as, where, which characters, which stages and when? As well as which region/version of the game you're playing.
If you could let us know more about it so we can discover those area, it would be great. Highly appreciated!"

If you know of any bugs and how to reproduce them, head on over to Tecmo Koei's Facebook page!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/20/2014

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