Dying Light: The Following Review

Developer Techland has released the highly anticipated Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition and stand alone dlc The Following, if you haven’t played Dying Light, this is a great time to play catch up. The initial title itself without add ons is already a complete experience, but the Enhanced Edition offers the full package and more content than a lot of games out on the market today.

Now let's talk about The Following dlc itself. This is a large expansion that doesn’t deter away from everything I already love about the game. The side missions are plentiful and exploring is near breathtaking. Techland has managed to give us a beautiful landscape view that doesn’t just look good during cutscenes. The main story driving The Following takes our protagonist outside the walls of the city and into a country setting. The Zombie Virus is still a major problem and as always, Kyle Crane is on the hunt for a cure.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the game is ability to drive a buggy. In the city of Harran a buggy would have been cool, but unnecessary. Buildings and structures are all close enough together to move around in a true parkour game, but the countryside not so much. There is still plenty of things to climb and jump around, but the buggy makes things much more enjoyable for those long hauls across the map.

You can upgrade your buggy in a few manners, the engine, brakes, tires, a roll cage to name a few. Repair the vehicle when your parts begin to wear down, same as you would your weapons or upgrade. The buggy actually drives rather sloppy even on road. I thought having poor steering ability made it that much funner to use. Going off road makes its even more difficult to control and will hinder your speed and the buggy offers little protection if you're going too slow and zombies manage to get close, along with several other hazards.

Driving the buggy is pretty great, but the absolute best part of the buggy in combination of the countryside, is the amount of zombies you can just mow down in the fields. Some may ask, why would you want to keep running zombies over in the buggy? Well, why would you not? That's what I ask anyway. You have to be careful about these vehicular suicide mission mow downs though, nothing will hinder your speed and safety more than being in a thick field of grass and zombies, unless you're trying to drive through a brick wall.

The Enhanced Edition is a great buy at $59.99 USD if you haven’t played Dying Light before now. If you have the stand alone version of the game, you can purchase the season pass for $30.00 USD or just purchase The Following for $19.99 USD. There are other dlcs you can grab with the pass or also buy separately, the choice is of course yours.