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Destiny will release on the PlayStation 4 on September 9th, 2014 in the United States. Xbox 360 gamers are well aware of the name Bungie: the developer responsible for the Halo franchise for the first five games in the series. Even though Bungie split with Microsoft in 2007, they still continued to create games exclusively for the Xbox and exclusively with the Halo property, making Sony games wonder if they would ever get a turn at the developer's games.

On February 17th, a few days before Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4, Bungie unveiled its newest game: Destiny, hitting both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Instead of praise, Sony fans were left confused; after all, if the PS4 was surely to be announced in the next three days, why would Destiny be on the previous console especially when the release date is so far off?

Those questions were answered when, on February 20th, Bungie announced that Destiny was indeed coming to the PlayStation 4! Gamers have been excited ever since that announcement especially after seeing the trailers and screen caps.

While only the bare minimum in story was released originally, Destiny follows many of the same story traits as Halo. As one of the few survivors of a war waged against aliens, you must fight back to save civilization before it is wiped out forever.

Bungie hwas tight lipped about additional Destiny information since the reveal, but the company teased on its website that we might be able to play as more than humans:

"Not all of the aliens in Destiny are evil, just like not all humans are good. We've barely scratched the surface on the character and customization options you'll have access to in Destiny, but we're not going to dig in any deeper today."

During their GDC conference, Bungie unveiled something regulated to mostly Collectors Editions of games: concept art. Shown in the form of a video, Bungie stated that this video shows off "a rare glimpse into the character art, development and design of Destiny - from early sketches and concept art, to animation and in-engine 3D character models."

We've linked the video below for your viewing pleasure!

As you would expect from Bungie, Destiny is a first-person shooter featuring the modes Bungie had become known for, namely co-operative multiplayer. However, Destiny has a twist: all players will occupy a persistent world, similar to massively multiplayer online games, such as World of Warcraft. Players will see other players in the world, offering to help them out with missions and form groups on the fly.

You will not take on the role of one central named character. Like most MMOs, you will create your character from scratch along with picking a class, ranging in choices such as Warlock or Guardian. Depending on the class you select, different abilities, weapons and items are available for you to use, changing the way you play and relying on your friends and allies to cover for your weaknesses and combine your powers for greater success in battle. And epic battles there will be!

At E3 2013 , Bungie revealed the first look at Destiny via a gameplay demo:

At Gamescom, Bungie unveiled a new video showcasing some of Destiny's weapons:

Unlike Halo, your character in Destiny will be able to carry three weapons at a time instead of two. The slots break down like so:

Primary Weapon Slot: For your basic everyday weapons such as assault rifles and shotguns.

Special Weapon Slot: More powerful weapons designed for a specific purpose or scenario.

Heavy Weapon Slot: For the most power weapons capable of annihilating a foe in no time at all such as a rocket launcher.

One of the big features of Destiny will be Strikes, which are similar to instances or raids in other MMOs. Bungie has provided the first look at this gameplay feature in the below trailer:

Thanks to a revamped website, we have our first look at the three classes you'll be able to play as in Destiny.

  • Titan -- This class will be able to take a punch and give one back. He fits the "Tank" archetype in most MMOs.
  • Warlock -- This class is a "glass cannon," able to put out high amounts of damage but not able to take a lot in return. He fits the "Mage" archetype in most MMOs.
  • Hunter -- This class will rely on its wits and what seems like stealth, filling the "Rogue" archetype seen in most MMOs.

Destiny game on PS4 Space Combat
Battles are not waged only at ground level, either. Bungie has teased that space combat will be an integral part of the game, and players will have the opportunity to pilot and customize their very own ship. Other players will be able to tell how good of a player you are just by the design of your ship.

Always Online
Because of its always online nature, Destiny will permanently require an Internet connection, a feature that has turned some gamers off. Bungie states that “desire for connectivity is the only way to realize the vision of the game” which is why the decision was made.“ While there are no plans to charge a subscription fee, there are plans for downloadable content, or DLC.

In light of the SimCity fiasco, is it is also an always online game, Bungie addressed concerns over the launch of Destiny, primarily if it will suffer the same fate as SimCity. Bungie assured fans that the infrastructure is in place for as smooth a launch as possible, citing the many smooth Halo launches they had.

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Features
Bungie announced that the PlayStation 4 would feature exclusive DLC. At this time, no further information about this DLC has been announced.

In numerous interviews, Bungie has mentioned that the game will use the touch pad in some way. Players were first exposed to this in the Beta.

Destiny draws on many games to create its experience. There are shades of Halo in the combat, aspects of Mass Effect in the character designs and features of Borderlands and Diablo in the loot-based system implemented into the game. Even when the story is over, the draw of finding new and more powerful weapons is sure to bring players back time and time again. Destiny has also drawn comparisons to Skyrim thanks to its large, open-ended world, along with its day and night cycle and living, breathing world. The best description for Destiny is a melting pot of every great first person shooter in the last five years with the personal touch and expertise of a revolutionary developer behind it.

Outside of cooperative gameplay, Destiny will feature competitive multiplayer gameplay. While no information has been revealed for these competitive modes, PS4 gamers can rest assured that with Bungie at the helm, they are getting one of the best competitive multiplayer games possible.

Destiny PlayStation 4

Work In Progress
Some gamers believe Bungie is just being coy by drawing out the game's information since it is so far from release. On the Bungie website, the team informed us that this wasn't the case:

"No, no, and no. And, no. Everything you've seen so far is work in progress. There is still a lot of work to be done. This is why you are made to wait, friends. Not because we like to tease you. Not because we know that you can take it. It’s because we’re still working."

What this means is that the game can and will change, so what we know right now about the game right now might not even make it to release! At PS4 Experts, we're all eagerly anticipating Destiny but it looks like we'll have to wait for more information only because the developers are still in the process of making the game but rest assured, we'll update this page the minute new information becomes available.

Beta Hits PlayStation 4 First

While we already knew that anyone who preordered Destiny would get a chance to be in the beta, Bungie has recently revealed that the PlayStation 4 will be one of the first consoles to beta the game along with the PlayStation 3.

The beta ran from July 17th to July 28th, and by all accounts it was a success. The majority of the feedback from fans was positive.

Here is a sample of what Beta players found:

- Co-Op and Multiplayer modes
- A small piece of Story mode
- Access to "The Tower" hub
- A special mission to the moon

Sony revealed an official video showcasing the beta. Check it out:

For those that played the Beta on Saturday, July 26th at 2pm PDT were given access to a special in-game emblem when the game officially releases!

Go preorder the game today at participating retailers!

Destiny PS4

Preorder Bonus
Bungie has revealed that preordering the game at GameStop will give players a unique vehicle: An Upgraded Sparrow.

This vehicle features a custom paint job, upgraded acceleration, higher top speed and more armor.

Bungie has revealed that this vehicle will be exclusive to customers who preorder until 1/1/15.

An additional preorder bonus, titled the Vanguard Armory, will give players access to exclusive weapons, emblems and gear when the game launches this Fall.

First Expansion Revealed!

Activision has unveiled the first expansion for Destiny: The Dark Below.

The expansion will arrive December and no price, or what the expansion will contain, has been revealed.

In December 2014, it has been revealed that the expansion will contain PlayStation exclusive content, in the form of an exclusive strike and a new exotic weapon, the four-barreled shotgun known as The 4th Horseman.

Second Expansion Incoming

Some Internet sleuthes may have pinpointed the release date of the second Destiny expansion, House of Wolves: May 2014. Like the first expansion, House of Wolves adds new weapons, raids and strikes.

White PS4

Launching as part of a special Destiny themed bundle will be a white PlayStation 4. VP of Publisher and Developer Relations Adam Boyes has mentioned in Game Informer just how important it has been to associate the PS4 with Destiny:

"In general, we want to look at PlayStation as the best place to play. That’s why we spent a lot of money going for 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and high processing power – to ensure that it is perceived as the best place to play. Destiny is a critical part of that; we want people to see that custom white PS4 and say, ‘Where did you get that?’ or see the custom gear on PS4 and say, ‘Where did you find that?’ That’s a part of ensuring that people feel special when they play on PlayStation."

The white PlayStation 4 will only be available as part of the Destiny special edition when the game launches.

The Dark Below

Bungie is revving up to release the first expansion to Destiny, titled The Dark Below, that gives you more strikes, more raids, more weapons -- a heaping handful of content. Gamers who preorder the game get one more addition: a new Sparrow.

But this isn't just any Sparrow.

With this Sparrow, you can pull off tricks such as rolls and flips to really impress your friends. To get it, you'll either need the Destiny Season Pass or to preorder The Dark Below by January 15th.

Check out this new trailer for The Dark Below:

Release Date
With Sony's emphasis on the social aspect of PlayStation 4, Destiny is a perfect fit for the console. As we've seen, social interaction, such as inviting a friend to your game or sharing a gameplay video, can happen at the press of a button. When you need help in Destiny or just want to upload a cool new gun, only the PS4 gives you the tools you need to do that.

Destiny released on the PlayStation 4 on September 9th, 2014 in the United States.

However, in Japan, Destiny released on September 11th, 2014, where the game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive!

As soon as new information becomes available, PS4 Experts will be the first to give it to you!

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Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 02/24/2013
Updated: 5/6/2014

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