DayZ Could See Release on PlayStation 4

DayZ is one of the most popular games on the PC and we constantly field questions asking if the game will see a PlayStation 4 release.

The answer? Maybe.


In an interview with Gamereactor, creator and developer Dean "Rocket" Hall talked about the possibility of DayZ hitting the current generation of consoles.

"We'd certainly consider release on any feasible platform with a realistic publishing model. It seems like currently both of the next-gen consoles should provide an environment we can develop inside."

Hall continued by stating "I've not personally had the opportunity to view the full details of the PS4 whereas I have had the opportunity to talk extensively with Microsoft. The next-gen consoles show very exciting promise. I'm hopeful that they can deliver on that. Am important part of that, from my perspective, is encouraging and supporting third-party creative development to bring the "edginess" of PC creative development into the console."

From the sounds of it, it's likely we would see the game hit the Xbox One first and later on hit the PlayStation 4.

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Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 4/16/2014



Next gen DayZ

Defo buy for ps4 dunno why we have to wait an xbox doesnt ps4 is the bigger console with a bigger fan base


Yea, I would buy dayz and have a lot of friends that would too.