What regions will PlayStation 4 be available in during the first year? What are the release dates?

Fans all over the world are eagerly awaiting their PlayStation 4 orders to be fulfilled so that they can jump into the next generation of gaming. The system has gone through massive overhauls, keeping what works, what the fans want, and dropping what doesn’t. Sony has also incorporated some new features into the system to make a stronger, more enjoyable player experience. This has been in development for years and fans of the company are excited to see what Sony has to offer next. It is known that systems are not put out everywhere at the same time but by the end of 2013 there are a good many fans that will be able to get their hands on the system.

The first region to see the system will be North America on November 15. This is fairly typical as it’s facing off against its biggest competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One during the holiday season. Many retailers for this region have already sold out of their guaranteed preorders and have moved on to back orders for the system.

Soon after, on November 29, the console will be released in Europe and Australia. This region is seeing the same sort of interest in the system as what is being seen in North America. Sony is expecting strong sales in both of these regions if the preorders are any indication of them. As an added bonus for buyers, there are bundles being released in Europe that include Killzone and an extra controller for fans who are able to spend a bit more. Currently, retailers are offering the bundle to customers who have already preordered the system and are looking to upgrade. The bundle is a limited offer and Sony is expecting that many of the bundles will actually go to people who preordered the system, which will theoretically clear up some single systems to be purchased outright or fill in some of those people who have to depend on a backorder.

Next up it’s the Middle East on December 13.

What regions will PlayStation 4 be available in during the first year?The system will then be released in the Asian regions following that sometime in December. There is no official release date as of yet but it will be in December. Previously fans in that region were told that they would have to wait until February of 2014 before the console would launch in their region but this was changed last month when Sony announced that they would be releasing the system close to the the other regions around the world.

This move could be for a variety of reasons but it is more likely due to the incredible interest in the product, and as a result, Sony wanted to ensure that fans were able to access that product through legal channels rather than having to rely on the gray market or even worse, the darker-than-gray market, most commonly referred to as the black market. By going this route, Sony can control product release, cost, and distribution. This move may have been pushed to help circumvent piracy in the region.

This is also exciting news as this will be the first Sony console to become available to mainland China as they are now lifting the bans on sale in their country. Of course they have to be manufactured by factories in the region in order to be sold but I’m sure that something will be worked out so that fans will have access to these systems.

As a whole, by the end of 2013 most of the world will have access to the system which is great as it comes out just in time for the holiday season for Western nations meaning that Sony is likely to turn a large profit on sales. There are also a host of games that will be coming out for the system around release as well as the following months meaning that gamers who are bored easily or just very fast gamers will be able to build up their library fairly quickly.

Sony has set up a fairly aggressive release schedule that at the most spans a month and a half. If all goes well, the world should have access to the system by the end of the year which will no doubt make very many gamers quite happy.

Which region of the world do you live in, and what date is the PS4 being released where you live? Are you picking your PS4 up on launch day, or are you waiting a little while to purchase one?

Article by - Dusty W.
Insert Date: 10/16/2013

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I live in Canada, so i get it first, pre-ordered cant wait 27 more days left!!

I'm in the Philippines

I'm in the Philippines waiting for the ps4 woohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!