Sony Looking Into Corrupt PS4 Save Files

Sony Looking Into Corrupt PS4 Save Files

Imagine sitting down at your PlayStation 4, ready to continue your game of Assassin's Creed IV, Fifa 14 or Call of Duty: Ghosts only to see an error message flash across your screen. "No problem," you think "I'll just restart the system and everything will be good as new." However, you come to realize the very unfortunate truth that your save gone, all of your progress lost.

For many PlayStation 4 gamers, this scenario is reality.

It's an issue that has plagued the PlayStation 4 for months but is just now starting to get traction on a bigger scale as more and more gamers run across this issue. The culprit in question is error code CE-34878-0, which corrupts your save file, making it useless and flushing hours of game progress down the toilet.

It's unknown what causes this error, as it's not tied down to any one particular game or PS4 function. Sony claims they are looking into the error but there is no timetable for when they will find a fix, if they find one at all.

If you are affected by this error, Sony asks that you quit the game and verify that your PS4 and game software are up-to-date. If that doesn't work, Sony suggests that you make a backup of your save and initialize your PlayStation 4. But let's be honest: it's unlikely these fixes will work because for many gamers, they haven't. If you run across this error, the sad reality is that your saved game is likely lost for good. What you can do is make backups of all of your saves on a regular basis.

Have you run across this error and lost your saved game? Do you have a fix for this error? Let us know in the comments PS4 Experts readers!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 1/22/2014

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corrupt Save Files

It happened to me on battle field 4 however I went online updated the game and continued however I lost alot of my saved progress. Sony needs to fix this problem

error code

Well have these people switch out hard drive or are they The original. Saved files are stored in the hard drive. I switched out my drive right away to a 1tb. I am not on it24/7 but it rings smooth. And another thing how many average hours before you say this would happen don't know. How many people are in a dry climate to where it's too dry and shocked the systems. Just things to look into.

Fix does not work

I have try this fix so many time from day one. It does not work. I have an replacement system so will try it out this weekend.

Report Problem Prompt

This happened to me today playing Assassin's Creed IV while doing a mission. I didn't lose any saved data, but right in the middle of the mission, the error code pooped up. I sent Sony a message and went back to playing the mission. I thought maybe it was the game updates, but I don't think everyone's having this problem. Hope they fix it.

Error code

Hi I bought my PS4 with CD Ghosts and PSN+ for 12 months on 4/1/2013 and have had this error message on a regular basis. I did fill in the error report and sent it to SONY online through the PS4. On one day I got this message 5 times and all whilst playing GHOSTS..!!! In the end I contacted SONY and spoke to their software/hardware specialist a couple of days before the 1.60 update and he talked me through initialising my PS4 and updating to 1.60. He logged my call on their system and told me to contact them if it happened again...! The next day after the update and initialising my system which, took all of 2 hours I got the message again AND that my PS4 could not connect to PSN as I required PSN+ !!!!! I turned off my PS4 and restarted it and again got the PSN message above AND a message stating that there was maintenance being carried out. It told me to try later!!! I contacted SONY and was told I needed to get a replacement console as there was something not right with my PS4. Luckily, I bought my console from GAME and took out the extended 2 year warranty. I went to them and got a replacement after speaking to GAME' technical support. Whilst in GAME they spoke to SONY and confirmed that there was a problem and that I had notified them. They confirmed this and I was given a replacement console which, to date has NOT had an error message like the one I was getting on a regular basis!!! I have kept all the correspondence with SONY just in case I encounter this problem again as reading the above it would seem that some of the consoles are having this issue.... I thought I would just share my experience with you all BUT have to say that dealing with SONY was a good experience and ended with a satisfactory outcome. ATVB! David.


I had this problem an there is a solution hold down the PS button and restart your play station and it should work