Sorry The Game Socom Can’t Understand Your Accent!

Ahh you many be wondering what on earth this title is about, but this is a direct quote a buddy of mine got when the very first Socom game was released from a lady on a telephone helpline. I must admit I found it very funny. Its crazy to think that the Socom series is a decade old now. A decade really? Who ever would have imagined that this series would have had that kind of staying power?

My experience with Socom is kind of a strange one. At the time it was released I never played online games, but I found the idea of controlling a team of soldiers with my voice very interesting. Now the friend of mine who the game could not understand was from North East England and he did have a very strong accent. I my self am from Scotland and I never had a single issue. While I never played the game online I still found it a very enjoyable shooter. Socom 2 however was different I was already online before it was released and I could not wait to play it against real people.

Socom 2 was the game that really got me into online gaming. I had dabbled in it a little bit, but this was the one that got me hooked. I never realised how amazing it was to play a game online. Especially in the modes where you would work as a team and have to actually work together. Do not get me wrong I love all out kill every one on the screen multi player action, but this was just as much fun.

Sadly for me and I know a few other gamers who felt this way also Socom 2 was kind of the peak for the series on the Playstation 2. I did like the other two games in the series, but they just never blew me away the same way that Socom 2 did. It was like they had a winner with Socom 2 so they just kind of left it at that and added a a few features here and there.

Socom on the PS4

Despite my somewhat lack of interest in Socom by the time the fourth one hit on the Playstation 2. I was really excited for Socom on the Playstation 3. I mean this was next gen stuff it had to be awesome right? The online must be really well done right? Well turns out it was not. Now I have heard a ton of mixed reports about this game, but I hand on heart can tell you from the perspective of a gamer here in the UK that the online was a real pain in the butt. I think I had the game just over a week before I gave up and traded it in. The online experience was that bad and that was a shame because I felt the core game play was decent.

The last Socom game on Playstation 3 that was released just last year I felt was like a kick in the pants for this series. I did not get this game on day one, but I did keep my ear open as to what was happening. Of course with the Playstation hack there was no way that I would buy an online game. Then one day in October of 2011 I saw it on clearance and I thought what the heck I will give it a chance. And you know it turned out to be a whole heap of fun. Yes the game play may not have been anything new or special, but for me this was easily the best Socom game I had played since Socom 2 on the Playstation 2.

So where does that leave us with Socom? Lets face it this is a Sony flagship franchise that has no sign of disappearing despite what the reviews say. I would be very surprised if we got another one this console generation I guess the Playstation Vita is a possibility, but I would guess that the next console instalment will be on the Playstation 4. So the question is what do we want from Socom on Playstation 4?

I personally feel and I know that many disagree with me that Socom is a very solid shooter. I have pretty much zero complaints from a game play point of view. Story however I never really got into. I am not saying they are boring, but they all just feel so incredibly stock that I never get that invested into them. Now this may be way out there, but for the next Socom game I would love to see it set far in the future with futuristic combat. I know many people are probably thinking what the heck is he on about? But I would really love a Socom game set in the far future. Perhaps even on a far away planet.

My biggest want for the Socom series is reliable online servers. Granted the last game was much better, but I still had more connection and lag issues than I should have. I have heard that some lucky people never had any issues with the last Socom, but there was still more than a few of us that did.

So what about you guys what do you want for Socom on Playstation 4? Would you be interested in A Socom game set in the far future?

Article by - Jason Delacey
Insert Date: 09/11/2012

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We need a new socom. Confrontation 2. Socom 4 sucked.

r u serious

This editorial ,UST be a plant. Only a Sony exec could say that so com 4 is the best since socom 2. I'm not even going to bother listing all that's wrong with this game. Let's just say its NOT so com. Its barely 3rd person. I do hope your right about another game and I do hope I'm wrong that your a plant because that would mean that Sony still doesn't get it.


I can't say anymore than what this guy said. I felt all the feelings of the editor in socom 2 . But dead on with this last comment .


Confrontation was the best online game I ever played. I at least had fun and it felt a lot more realistic to me. I loved how the maps would end up funneling players into a huge battle in one area.

Socom 5

There is a very big community that agrees with you about Socom 2 being the peak of the franchise and we want the EXACT game on PS3 and PS4. Simple as that. I waited and waited to get a PS3 until this game was made. Eventually, I gave up and bought a used PS3 anyhow. However, I will NOT buy a PS4 unless/until I see socom 2.


Socom just needs to go back to socom 2 same server system same ranked matches being non respawn throw a better clan tournament system in it new maps and better graphics you got a Socom call of duty keeps everything the same but maps weapons ect. and they r still on top TAKE IT BACK SOCOM playstation needs the skill in gaming back

socom 2

it's called H-Hour it's based off socom 2

Socom 2 HD Special Edition

Make Socom 2 with better graphics, controls, longer and more detailed story, every multiplayer map from all PS2 socoms, co-op mode from Socom: Combined Assault with all PS2 socom maps, combine Socom 2 and Socom CA ranking system, extreme modification of your single player SEALs, allow integration of single player SEALs into multiplayer (play with your modified single player SEAL in multiplayer), utilize the latest weapons along with some future but not too over the top weapons, add flyable helicopters, planes ,and jets. I'm sure there are many other possible additions to Socom 2 on the PS3/PS4 but these are just a few good ideas that I think would be really great to have in an updated version of my most favorite videogame franchise of all time. :D


there talking about socom 2 not battlefield



Socom 2

just make a renewed version of socom 2. so simple. no respawn this isn't call of duty


How long must we Waite for the one game that will beat c.o.ds and medal of honors to a pulp give us socom 2 in hd that would b the best selling game of all time no one should put socom 4 in the same class as what went before 4 was just so awful


H-Hour is the new socom 2 check it out


H-Hour: World's Elite. Not just SEALs! All the best special forces in the world fighting global terrorism! Oorah!