Which series do you most want to see on the PlayStation 4?



Really hard to pick just one series. I went with Final Fantasy because it's been a huge part of my gaming life for years, and there's still something special about the series, even though it's not quite the same as it was when I was a kid. GTA would be a very close second, as I'm really stoked to see what kind of amazing innovations they can bring to the series, I think it has the greatest potential out of all the series for great new gameplay and features.

Dance Central 3

Dance Central 2 is a really fun game to play, if they sold Dance Central 3, i bet a lot of people would buy it.



Enough said.


How can you not add SOCOM to the list! Yes, Confrontation was a terrible start but the true SOCOM will return on the PS3 and continuing on PS4. OTHER!


I would really want to see a new killzone game to the ps4. just imagine the graphics it would have.


I would be Really nice to have call of duty modern warfare 3 witch without a doubt would be amazing (i think it could use a bit more of an organized onlinne not just 1 button that randomly picks a map users and stuff maybe like a main menu or a a room game system, just my thoughts) but i REALLLLY want to see a Kingdom hearts 3 its been now almost 4 years since Kh2 on ps2 and Not to offend even though i liked the plot, Kingdom hearts 365/days for ds was a bit of a let down, and im thinking of buying myself a psp just so i can get birth by sleep cause it looks fantastic although it will never have that great feel of being able to stare awlessly at the huge screen, pretty colors and graphics like a grounded tv console instead of a hand held it still looks to be promising for kh fans like myself. But i just cant wait for Kingdom hearts 3 although the guys making kingdom hearts in korea or so just started making and playstation and the company cant really control that it would still be awesome to see that make an appearance for late 2011 early 2012!

Devil May Cry

I would really like to play a new Devil May Cry game on the ps 4 because it's being part of my gaming life and i really want to see what will happen in the sequels.

yeah,fellow,it is a very good

yeah,fellow,it is a very good game.I first played Devil May Cry 3 and became obsessed with this game.So,whoever you are,i congratulate you for liking this game.


what about ratchet and clank?


There were a few good series I had to leave off so the list didn't get too excessively long, but definitely R&C was right near the top, I'm a big fan of those games.

Skate Series

The Skate Series are already great and amazing, so I would love to see what they could be able to do with the new technology, It would be pretty awsome for ps4.

Battlefield series

The battlefield bad company series owns all games hands down


I would like to play the epic game of all time again, which
is called as "GOD OF WAR IV"




i agree


I would love to see The New game Metal Gear Solid:Rising, a Gran Turismo 6, Grand Theft Auto V,& Call Of Duty:Black Ops sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly! I'd totally buy them with the PS4!

Battle Field


nba 2k

nba 2k

dragonball z

i dying to play dragonball z on the ps4

Battlefield games or elder

Battlefield games or elder scroll games. Both of these would look amazing on a new system

smart people

I second the motion, we have spoken now make it so.

assassins creed

assassins creed


zipper is shut down sony needs to step up and get a new maker for socom. AKA Gimper--82--


tomb raider
Comon lara single handedly launch and carried PS2 for years
she was kinda forgotten in PS3 other than remakes which were pretty good
she does need the new life the new game is supposed to give her
but be careful core ....dont make an uncharted with lara as the star


Comon lara single handedly launched and carried PS2 for years
she was kinda forgotten in PS3 other than remakes which were pretty good
she does need the new life the new game is supposed to give her
but be careful core ....dont make an uncharted with lara as the star
she needs lots of game customization features like not just 3 levels of difficulty but 5
and within each one of those the ability to increase types of difficulty
in the shooting realm/amount of gun toting attackers
amount of non gun toting animals/monsters
the severity/amount of gymnastic obstacles/jumping /grabbing/sliping/sliding
the weather/boulders/trees falling
amount of pesky underfoot invaders bats/rats/spiders

giving the game so much more replay values and incredible customization


i would like 2 play dragonball z on the ps4



That's pretty sad that the

That's pretty sad that the fanbase of this site wants the COD series to continue double the amount they want GTA series to continue.

GTA for me, obviously.

Crash + Ratchet + Spyro = EPIC MEMORIES!!!

Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet & Clank, Spyro... My Three Favourite games! PLZZ Make Those Games On the PS4
My Favourite Crash Bandicoot game is "The Wrath of Cortex", obviously, so make a game that is like that Plzz :D


God of War, Ninja Gaiden, Crash team racing, Tekken, Gran Turismo, Pro Skater, Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy.... and so on


Its the series I want to see most on any system. Just bring it out already, you hear me Valve ?

Champions of Norrath and Champions RTA

These are some games tha loved the most to play with my friends. That because they had 4 players multiplayer game mode and they were also RPG genre my favourite. This vote is send by all of my friends that we are playing this game. Also ,It would be great if these series continue to PS4 .

two more game I would like to be republished in PS4 is the Jade Coccoon 1 and 2.

I wish my comment is taken into consideration


im all in for everquestNEXT on ps4, champions of norath would be awesome but we getting diablo3 anyways, and they really need to put l4d on ps4, most of my xbox friends came from playing that game all the time


WHAT PS4 NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The PS4 is planned to be

The PS4 is planned to be released between late 2013 to 2015.

Come on

I personally would really like to see NIS produce a new Disgaea game on the PS4. It is an excellent series full of comedy and does not need to be killed off yet.I personally would be sad to not see a new one made.


I whould love to see Spyro, Kingdom hearts, Rayman, SSX, Ratchet and Clank, Jack and Dexter etc. Some of the games that was on the ps2 to come back in general.

Sat, 05/30/2012 - 04:58 --- anoymous Name: Not Telling

kingdom hearts is actually the best game i would want on ps4, kingdom hearts, final fantasy xiii, final fantasy xiii-2, pirates of the Caribbean, and uncharted are all of the games i would truly love to play on a ps4, but i still have a problem, what is the difference between a ps3 and a ps4? who ever is listening please answer that one question for me. CHOW!

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts really does need to return to the Playstation franchise. It's sickening that the game isn't available on the the Playstation store, nor can you purchase the old ps2 games to play on the console itself. They should either come out with a combo pack for the PS4 that includes Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, but then also a new one, Kingdom Hearts 3. They would make millions!

PS4 Most Anticipated Titles: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3

Can you imagine if you had full-body motion sensing tech combined with wrist or glove-style motion sensors with force feedback? --Besides the obvious kicking, punching, dodging, think about it:

Controls could be fine-tuned to distinguish between grabbing/throwing or pushing/pulling or climbing up/down.

* Hulk smashing Loki using your whole body (with exact on-screen mirroring of your motion)? Awesome!

* Both arms outstretched, then bring fist's together and down while kneeling to activate Hulk's "Ground Smash" with force feedback? Awesome!

* Being able to spin and throw Thor's hammer or use it to fly...

A bigger plus: Instead of pressing an infinity of button combinations, you could tailor different effects by changing hand positions during thrusts: Open palmed, clenched fist, fingertip jabs, fingers spread, two-fisted, etc.

* Using the wrist-up fist to "pop" Wolverine's claws? YES!

* Palm-out Iron Man concussive blasts

* Spiraling arms and flicking wrists for Ghost Rider's chain whips

* Two-fingers in palm to shoot Spider-Man's webs

* Touching both temples with fingertips activating Cyclops' beams or Professor X's stun/mind control

* Pointer-finger and thumb on chest to activate Dr. Strange's Eye of Aggamato

* Tapping a forearm before aiming the arm, to shoot Iron Man's missles


The possiblilities are endless, and with PS4's next-gen graphics, the babes would be hotter and the dudes badder! Woot!


Voting for which series to continue.

Other- Would like to see assassins creed continue, rugby union, rugby league an major league baseball.


Twisted Metal