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PS4 Game SeriesIt's hard to predict what Sony will do with its franchises from generation to generation. From PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 2, Sony seemingly dropped all of its franchise characters; however, in the jump from PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3, some franchise characters, like Kratos and Ratchet, were brought into the new generation. Sony isn't the only one doing this: multiple game companies have a history of retiring characters when a new generation starts or bringing back a forgotten mascot for a new adventure. The hard-working PlayStation fanatics at PS4 Experts present the latest news on what we can expect from certain franchises when the PlayStation 4 sees release:

And here are some series we can't wait to see on PlayStation 4:

God of War PlayStation 4God of War
With the release of God of War: Ascension, there is only one direction for Sony to go with the God of War series: forward. At this point, not only have we covered the rise and fall of Kratos, but we have pretty much detailed every notable moment in his past. What fans most want from the series is to see what happens after the ending of God of War 3; Sony is most likely holding this next chapter of the story for the PS4 as this will be a system seller.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PlayStation 4PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
It's a given that we will see a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, given its warm reception by both fans and critics alike. Not only would it be another chance for Sony to reintroduce even more forgotten mascots and franchises but it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce gamers to the new mascots introduced with the PlayStation 4. Not to mention, the game is ideal for Sony's sharing functionality: Imagine showcasing your friend's defeat to a social network with the push of a button.

Gran Turismo 6 PS4 Gran Turismo
With Gran Turismo 6 all but confirmed to be a PlayStation 3 release, Sony is hoping fans will get their racing fix with PS4 launch title Drive Club. But as good as Drive Club will be, it most likely won't be enough to satiate the hunger of Gran Turismo fans. Gran Turismo has always touted itself on its graphical superiority and a potential Gran Turismo 7 will most likely be one of the PS4's best looking games for years to come.

Twisted Metal PS4 Twisted Metal
On the other end of the vehicle genre is Twisted Metal, where the objective is not to win a race but to destroy your opponent. Twisted Metal has been released on every Sony console to date (with the exception of the Vita, but there is still plenty of time!) so a PS4 release is almost a given. Imagining Sweet Tooth rendered with the power of the PS4 is already giving us nightmares.

Anything By Naughty Dog
Anything By Naughty Dog PS4Naughty Dog has been one of Sony's strongest developers on the PlayStation 3, releasing three of the best games to date with the Uncharted series. While we wait for Naughty Dog's next game, The Last of Us, to hit the PS3, we can't help but wonder how great Uncharted will look and play with the graphical power of the PS4. Sony has already confirmed we haven't seen the last of Uncharted so it's just a matter of time before Naughty Dog blows us all away once again.

Anything By Bethesda
Anything By Bethesda PS4If you've played Skyrim or Fallout 3, then you know of Bethesda, the team that has redefined the open world role-playing game. As big as Skyrim is, it is limited by the power of the current generation of systems; with the power of the PS4, imagine a game world two or three times the size of Skyrim, possibly incorporating all of Tamriel into one single game! Likewise, the only thing wrong with Fallout 3 is that 100 hours of gameplay wasn't enough. Using the power of the PS4, Bethesda is in a position to create their biggest game to date!

Who knows what other franchises Sony or other companies will bring back? With a little luck, maybe we will see the return of PaRappa the Rapper and The Legend of Dragoon!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 06/19/2012

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the dark knight rises game for ps4 "baaaaaadassssssss"


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ps3 is good

ps3 is good fo haveing god of war 3

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puta madre que salga en el 2014 me acabo de comprar mi ps3 :P


mejor que salga, los juegos de ps3 van a estar mas baratos

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yo le digo esto porque trabajo aqui ,,,,la ps4 es muy tonta porque hay ñiños que se acaban de comprar la ps3 yyy eso modifica,,,,la ps4 va a tener un periodo corto de vida...pero va a ser muy buena quieren saber el precio se lo dejo aqui :desde 600$ hasta 1000$ dolares pero la resolucion sera de 4k que eso inplica un LCD de 45 pulgadas para arriba y costara mucho... ADIOS REPLI SI LES GUSTO ..................FIN

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ps4 Yeah

PS3 is a BEAST. Only shame is gaming companies not actually using the machines full potencial. The only possible reason for PS4 coming out 2013 got to be to keep up with competition, but I would rather not see it till 2014. Look at XBOX 360 it leaves alot to desire. I mean come on 4 disc to play a game that is ONLY ONE DISC on GTA-V looks like an awsome game that more than likely will not be using all of capabilities for the PS3, but I bet it be the one that really get closer than any other game to date. I just feel bad for XBOX 360 users HOW MANY DISCS and I bet to play it they're gonna have to dowload to their hardrive....LOL. -ATOMICPRO

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id like to see sony return to ape escape.





Infamous 3 is coming out, its

Infamous 3 is coming out, its called Infamous Second Son. Its the story of Delsin Rowe, who gains the powers of smoke.

fallout series

they need to be in it


Gta 5 should be on the ps4


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