PS4 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

PS4 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)Provided below are some of the most common and opinion provoking PS4 questions for both newcomers and veterans PlayStation gamers alike. Questions range from basic information, such as the technical specifications and release date, to more in-depth questions, such as how Sony is approaching used gaming and how specific features of the device work. Let us know your ideas. Have a question you want answered, let us know by putting FAQ in your message to us.

  1. How to take apart your PS4 - Install an SSD
  2. What are the hardware specifications of the PS4?
  3. When is the PlayStation 4 going to be released?
  4. How much does the PlayStation 4 cost?
  5. What games are slated to come out for the PS4?
  6. What is the purpose of the "Share" button on the PlayStation 4?
  7. What does the PlayStation 4 look like?
  8. Is the PlayStation 4 backwards compatible?
  9. What new features does the PlayStation 4 offer?
  10. What is Sony's stance on used games for the PlayStation 4?
  11. What are the online capabilities of the PlayStation 4?
  12. Will 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM be enough for the PS4’s 10-year console cycle?
  13. How do I sell my PS3 on craigslist?
  14. How will my Playstation Plus membership change on the PS4?
  15. What PS3 accessories work on the PS4, and which ones will I need?
  16. What regions will PlayStation 4 be available in during the first year?
  17. Will the PlayStation 4 work without access to the Internet?
  18. Will my PlayStation 4 play my PlayStation 3 games?
  19. Can I upgrade the Hard Drive in my PS4?
  20. Will PlayStation 3 DualShock controllers work with the PlayStation 4?
  21. Will Sony continue releasing games on the PS3 after the PS4 is released?
  22. Does Sony have exclusive deals with any developers for the PlayStation 4?
  23. Will I Need to Purchase a New TV to Enjoy the PlayStation 4 if I Own a Non-Digital Television?
  24. Are Move Controllers Compatible With PlayStation 4?
  25. What is The PlayStation 4 Launch Lineup?
  26. Do I need PlayStation Plus to play online with PS4?
  27. Will There Be An Abundance Of Consoles Available On Launch Day Or Do You Have To Preorder Before The Big Day?
  28. Will Third Party Services Require PlayStation Plus on PS4?
  29. How much will PS4 games cost?
  30. Why is the PS4 a good investment?
  31. How Does The PlayStation 4 Compare To The Wii U?
  32. How Will The PS4 And Vita Interact?
  33. What Is PlayStation Plus?
  34. How Does The PS4 Compare To The Xbox One?
  35. Is the PlayStation Eye Required for PS4
  36. Will my PS4 play my Blu-Ray Movies?
  37. Are any Retailers offering PS4 System Bundles?
  38. How will the PS4 and the Vita Work Together?
  39. How do I Extend the Battery Life of my DualShock 4 Controller?
  40. What Else do I Need to Know Regarding Upgrading my PS4’s Hard Drive?
  41. Which HDD Size Should You Upgrade To?
  42. Which types of headsets will work with PS4?
  43. Does the Wii U Make a Good Companion to the PS4?
  44. How to Connect your Smartphone or Tablet to the PS4

Offical FAQ
Also see the official Sony PS4 FAQ.

PS4 Manual
Here is the PS4 Manual, bookmark it for a later date!

Chances are you have some questions about Sony's next generation gaming console. Post your questions below (be specific).

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how much is this wallet smasher gonna cost here in USA, do i have to sell a kidney


can the ps4 play ps3 games?



My ps3 game

What do I do with my ps3 games that I just bought, do I have to buy them again If want it for the ps4 that I'm interested in?

move on

I bought some new games too but after seeing the ps4 and hearing specs on games and the system i look to the future and welcome ps4 the ps3 was great but with the ps4 coming i say greatness is coming i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

controller backwards compatability

Will the current dual shock 3 controller work with the ps4 console? $240.00 investment in 4 controllers for the ps3, be nice not to have to re-invest that again.


will the playstation 4 play PS3,PS2,and the PS1 on the playstation 4 when it comes out

The Last of Us for PS4?

I don't have a PS3, I have an Xbox 360. Been thinking about getting a PS4 when it comes out. Because I really want to play The Last of Us. But PS4 isn't backward compatibility. Will a The Last of Us game be made to play for the PS4, because I'm not buying a PS3 just for one game. A lot of us Xbox men want to play The Last of Us, it'll be a good idea to make it for the PS4 also.

I traded my Xbox 360 in just

I traded my Xbox 360 in just to play The Last of US, I don't regret it, best game I have ever played hands down, Also Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 were also great PS3 only games that I enjoyed playing, Just picked up Beyond: Two Souls a couple days ago, a PS3 only game as well ( I think) and really enjoying it. The only game I miss for Xbox, is Left for Dead 1 and 2, but The Last of Us is greater then Left for Dead. Consider trading it in, best thing I have ever done.


can i still play ps4 on my old tv with srat


bowling,pool,darts,and golf.


is the ps4 compatible with Roxio game capture. I've just bought it for my son. should I return it?

will the ps4 fit my gaems

will the ps4 fit my gaems g155 mobile gaming environment?


will ps4 gamers be getting the new map packs for call of duty ghosts at the same time that Xbox one gamers get there's

PSN Plus or no PSN Plus

Here is a question for all of you Gurus. If PS 4 requires a subscription for online play ( which I think it will) Will a person need to be a subscriber to the PSN in order to receive system updates or game updates?


I doubt it. I think it is just for online gold card type thing. Otherwise you should be able to update and patch the game free of charge. Its a new thing their adding to the PSN normal networks. I think you can still use your old psn network for Patches ect. but im not 100% sure but it probably will be okay.


I was wondering how servers the ps4 will have compared to the Xbox one, which as 300,000 servers?

Play station 3

How many playstion 3 are there? Meaning its been 7 years before the release of 4 did they upgrade the 3s in these 7 years


whens minecraft coming out for ps3. also how uch is it going to be.

keyboard and mouse

will there be a keyboard and mouse for the ps4? :)

PS3 games upgrades to PS4

I was told that new PS3 games can be upgraded to PS4 games for $10. Does that mean the PS3 games can no longer be played on PS3 after the upgrade?

playing with friends

I have the ps4 but most of my friends still have the ps3. Will I still be able to play with my friends online? Thanks


I downloaded the digital copy and then had to return the ps4 for new one do I have to pay for the digital copy twice? What about my PlayStation Plus do I have to buy that again?

ps4 mega bundle

is the ps4 mega bundle a limited one ? and will it have any other games other than killzone shadow fall ?

how come

Why is production of consoles not keeping with demand?

game disk swapping

Can anyone tell me if I get an external Blu-ray player and hook it up to my ps4 can I keep a game disk in it as well as another one in the internal drive so I can at least play two games without swapping disks? I have a bad feeling it will only look to the internal drive for the game disc...but maybe someone has tried this. Like many, I can't download these large games (a 20GB file would take like 40 hours and be limited to between midnight and 6am) so I'm stuck with getting them on disc.

Fingersmith Guitar

Any idea when the Fingersmith Guitar game will be out for the PS4?

external drive

Is there an external drive that you can purchase that will help with storage

playstation plus

Do you need to have credit card to buy playstation plus or can you use any card?

Having to install huge

Having to install huge updates is ridiculous. 15 gb for a update is crazy especially when you can't play it until its done. Not happy


Is there a way to check of you need to renew psn

Ps4 broadcasting

When I hit the share button on my ps4 it comes up upload video clip, upload screenshot, but not broadcast gameplay but instead start share play. Someone help me. I won't to stream

Cannot connect ps4 to my old tv

cannot connect ps4 to pioneer PDP - R04G tv. I guess because the tv is too old? When I try to connect ps4 to tv, it said ' cannot accept that signal.' any solution that can fix this fast? Thank you

PS4 xbox controller

Is it alright with Sony to use a third party controller? Or is this a console ban offence? For example a PS4 controller that looks like/layout is like an xbox controller (i.e. a PS4 xbox controller).

trophie in video

hey their when i click on share and i upload my video when i earn a trophie it does't pop up what do i have to doo to see them poping up in my video

ps4 playstation store

I had a game running while I went to the Playstation Store, and I looked at a couple of games, and now the games are being shown in a weird menu format where the trailer's playing in the background and things like that, and I have no idea how to reverse the effects. WHAT'S GOING ON?!?


Ps4 just recently stop taking the games when trying to insert them I can tell something is there stopping it and finally figured out that have to put it In rest mode and leave the disc part of the way In for it to grab it. This something that needs taking apart or just deal with it ? Thanks


Ps4 just recently stop taking the games when trying to insert them I can tell something is there stopping it and finally figured out that have to put it In rest mode and leave the disc part of the way In for it to grab it. This something that needs taking apart or just deal with it ? Thanks

PS4 Disc Eject Fix

Hey Cliff, sorry to hear about your issue. I'm one of the main writers on the site so I looked into the problem you're having. This was an issue back when the system first released for some people. Try following these steps: 1) hold the power button until the system beeps twice. 2) Wait until the lights are off, then unplug the system from the wall for three minutes. 3) plug it back in and turn it on. It should be working now. If that doesn't work, head over to this website to fill out a repair request if you'd like: I hope that helps! - Bradley


I absolutely agree by u the Order1886 is best game of his own

Ps4 broadcast Lag

Ok every time I broadcast live on YouTube on my ps4 when I play the game its fine but when I watch it after it lags and glitches out how can I stop this from happing ?

Cancel trial

How do I cancel my free 7-day trial ??

I have a question

Hey I have a question, I want to play Destiny on my ps4 but I have to update it first. And I use my phone data to play online, if I update it how many gbs of data would it use?

Whats going on?

Can anyone help me? Right well basically my boyfriend has a ps4 and i made an account on there and so how i was able to use his PlayStationplus account on mine? and recently he's had to replace his ps4 because it broke and we had to sign our accounts in and what not and all of a sudden i can't play online? im so confused to what's happened...


My son has downloaded a £79 game I managed to stop the download before if finished but they have take it from my bank it was 2 days ago can I get a refund if it started downloading


I know you all can't promise dates or release of games but come on... H1z1, dayz and arms just to name a few. What is going on here?

Ps4 community games

Ive played rocket league on one of my accounts with it downloaded, but im creating a new account. I want to make a community about it but Rocket League just doesnt come up to choose. Does anyone know how to make it pop up as a choice for a game?