Capcom: "PlayStation 4 Development is 10x More Work"


We have seen a lot of developers and publishers go under this past console generation due to the increased cost of development from PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3. One of the greatest concerns about the PlayStation 4 was that development costs and the amount of labor necessary per game would increase again -- games that fail at retail would have even more catastrophic outcomes for a publisher now that more money and time is involved with each game.

Capcom has chosen to spill the beans about just how much more effort is needed for making a game for PlayStation 4 as opposed to PlayStation 3, and that number may surprise you.

On the Capcom Blog, Senior Manager of Technology Management Masaru Ijuin made the following statement:

"The amount of work involved in making games for next-gen consoles is eight to ten times greater than what is required for the current generation of consoles."

To that end, this is why Capcom created the Panta Rhei engine, currently powering Deep Down. With a strong engine in place, Capcom can use that engine for many different titles, cutting down on development and labor costs: a similar strategy used with last generation's MT Framework engine.

With ten times more work being needed for a PlayStation 4 game, it's likely we will see developers and publishers take less risks, focusing only on surefire hits so they can recoup their money. It also begs the question "Are PlayStation 4 games currently 10x better than the last generation?" What do you think PS4 Experts readers? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 1/13/2014

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