Breaking News: Sony To Announce PS4 Release Date on August 20th!

Sony To Announce PS4 Release Date on August 20th!Big news for PS4 fans! Sony has just announced that at their Gamescom conference, held on August 20th, 2013, they will announce their release plans for the PlayStation 4! Watch it live here on Tuesday!

The official quote follows:

"We'll kick off the show at 18:00 BST on 20 August 2013 with a briefing to media on our release plans for PlayStation 4, as well as updates on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita."

We'll be covering the conference in detail so as soon as a release date is announced, you will know! Join our newsletter to get updates on the release date.

This is just the start of PlayStation 4 news that will hit you fast and furious all week, so stay tuned to PS4 Experts for all your PS4 news! Cool video below gives you a good overview of some of the things to look forward to at Gamescom 2013. Expect a lot of big news soon!

What do you think about the PS4 Release Date?

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 8/17/2013

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Be Patient

We all will enjoy the PS4 before Black Friday. Game on and calm down. : )


OMG! what abot xbox360!


If u think about it the Ps4 should really come out on Nov 23 because CoD Ghost comes out the 5 and Gamers World Wide preordered it for ps4 only like me and it is going to be boring having a game that I will not be able to play until Dec so hopefully we get all this figured out today. And the big thing is there is a CoD Ghost Bundle with the Ps4 Sony told me this over the phone so every one is going to be in shock