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Founded in 2008 long before the PS4 was officially announced we began working on this website. Why? Because we believed the most epic gaming system was coming. About us, we are long time gamers and big fans of course of the Sony Playstation. Like you we waited a long time for the PS4 to finally come out. The word Epic does not do it justice. The PS4 has proven to be an amazing gaming system cherished by millions around the globe, honestly XBox does not really compare.

Anyhow we are looking forward to growing this site for the hardcore fans, serving our users, and playing the PS4. Feel free to drop us a line via our contact form anytime. We are always looking for guest writers and artists so let us know what you can offer.

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However, I can tell when PS4 is where, how much, show me pictures. please I am a fan PS4!! I LOVE PS4!


the ps4 is sexy

Blocked my bad language

hey i cursed here and they bloked the bad word out


You can slam the PS4 all you want, we're not going to censor people's opinions, but keep the language clean, there may be young people reading this.


gd point i'm young and i got a crappy ps2 it nearly broke so wat should i get ps3 or xbox 360 ? yer and dont swear old peeps lool

PS3 vs 360

That depends I guess on whether you want the best library of games now, or in the future. I think right now the 360 has the stronger lineup of games, but this will be a big year for the PS3, as there are a ton of big exclusives being released in 2010. Graphically, the PS3 has also started to really step ahead of the 360 in the past 6-12 months, and that gap will continue to grow in 2010 as well. PS2's not so bad, us 'old peeps' had a lot of good times with it. :) I still have my PS2 hooked up right beside my newer systems.

ps3 outdated

they should release the ps4 in 2012 because if u own a ps3 u would know we are using 5 year old hardware example bf3 looks great on pc whereas on ps3 they made alot of cutbacks which was to be expected and doesnt stand up to it do u people not realise its almost time for next gen wake up i personally think they have squeezed the shit out of the ps3 if u cant tell then your obviously 5 years old we want next gen 2012


let me no which one but i want it im grtin it tho please releses it early please

ps3 is great the way it is

Granted I know that they need some harware upgrades but the only thing that they really need in the usa anyway around the world is a vr setup that would be totally compatable with the ps3.That would be a hugh milestone for them considering microsoft is expecting them to release a new system but yet if you don't realease a new system and improve your already domanating product with hardware upgrades and a vr system sony would be unstopable on all levels ofgameplay.


yeah youre are a fan! and fans dont thik objetive because simply you are fan.a people that work , pay bills, are maried and has a lots of resposabilities dont spend $1,200 "some speculators said" for a circuit box called console. and games in a plastic disc called ultra giga terra mega hight definition super compresed alfa multirays disk, just for sell it more espensive.i still pay retro consoles and still entretain me undiscriminatedly! and better of all unespensively allows me to seve money for my vacations and enjoy real life.

Cell processor

In ur specs write up u mention not using cell would be waste of money. Sony sold cell to to shiva awhile back. To shiva even put it in some of their pc's at one point. Not much more since then.



PlayStation 4 price

£400-500 translates to $600 to $750 US. with all the people out of work here in the States they're full of crapolah.

ps3 games

are you going to be able to play ps3 games on the ps4?