Would you have paid $1000 for a new PS4 (before it came out)?

13% (2441 votes)
69% (12964 votes)
Maybe I would need to know more
18% (3454 votes)
Total votes: 18859



I said yes, but I guess it would depend on whether I feel the power of the system justifies the price, and what games are available. There's no way I'd pay $1,000 for the promise of great games in the future, they're going to have to be out already. I am looking forward to it, and I hope the PS4 is a system that forces me to buy it because of its greatness, whether it's $1,000, or more.

not only will i buy one for

not only will i buy one for $1000, I will buy 2. That's right I will pay someone 50 bux to wait in line with me and use cash to buy a second one, while i put mine on my card. Then when I sell it on Ebay later that night for over 2000 I will have paid nothing!


Wouldn't you also need a 3D TV?

Pay this ps 4 off

I would pay up too 1,000,000 Doll hairs or 1,000,000 bugs !!


look im 15 years old and i love playing games but that price is to much.i had to save up all summer to buy the ps3.but no way would i pay 1000 on a ps4 it would take me a year to save that.if i was to buy a ps4 i would only buy it if it was 400-500 but even at that it is pushing it.what ever if an adault could pay that much but a child could not and over half the people are children who buy it.THAT IS A RIP OF

least is the best

I would pay 1000 for the ps4 but it over price its not a rip off so get that out your mind its a perfect price but how wants to pay so much make 600-700 but the xbox720 got nothing on it the new xbox720 is a rip of you get some games free what of you get board and you do not what to see it again its like you can go to the store and get money for it its a download it haves know facts or nothing or a web site to show how it looks if there were tell me u do not have a full image the xbox is copying ps3 and psp and all the another ps systems so I would pay a 1000 for it but its to much peace im out ill go back to eating nodles im black 11year old and a boy 5 grade smart and funny love ps3 and4 not part of the psn somthing out live love ps cool.

only if it's bc for all ps 1-3 and it comes with alot of things

The only way i would think of paying a grand not counting tax and a scam a recycling fee but that's anoths\er story. Is that it was bc from ps1, ps2 and ps3
and im talking everything still game made even the suck games to the beast games. Then it has to have hvd and like the ps3 blu-ray etc., and it has to come with at least 2 controllers with usb cords and on the controllers it would have to have speakers holes on the controller so when your playing online games or just talking to someonepeople can hear you. And it should be a lever the you can have it has loud or low as you want.

Also it needs to come with 5 or more games and im talking beast games not no dora and go diego go something kiddy. Something like uncharted 4 and grand theft auto 5 something like that and the games should be in full. Also while your their it should be anime like something like from the db universe i don't care blu-ray or dvd or both just give it to me and it should be uncut.

And it should have psn to be free for the ps1, ps2 and ps3 games and somewhere down the line ps4 games and all in their full versions. And when I was saying it should be speaker holes on the control please consider nobody likes the headset it is expensive and their little brother or sister could break them and unless your well off or a rich think you no what you can afford to get when ever it breaks.
And ethernet cable so if you can't afford to have wifi, 3g or 4g which i do have wifi. Or if yor wifi its working probably you can put the ethernet cable in your wifi and still go online. And your google is okay but make it that you can buy things off of amazon.com and other websites and please fix your youtube it sucks.

And please stop copying xbox about used and new games talking about a fee. I buy most of my games new but sometimes after a while my game mess up. And if it was new still like after a couple of years I would buy it brand new like for example gamestop. So most of the times I buy my games new but it is certain times I will buy my games.

Sony we are warning you if you charge 800 hundred to 1,000 on release date and if it not bc with all the ps franchise and it even more it is a fee to play used and new games. No matter what games and it had movies, games and hdv, blu-ray etc. Most people in their right mind would not pay that no matter how cheap it was.

So say it was 400 to 500 dollars and it had games, movies and hdv., and all the hookups. The only way im paying the paying a grand if most of the things what I said and beyond and the same thing goes to you microsoft xbox durango or whatever they call it.

It is to have what I said or even beyond what I expected to buy it. And I don't what to hear that microsoft and sony cannot afford it they franchises is super rich. Sony has tv's, blu-ray, hvd, dvd, cd etc. And computers and alot more if you count all that they are a multi trillion dollar franchise. And microsoft has computers hardware and software and bill gates have a hand mostly everything that is in technology.

And if you count the hardware sony and microsoft games overseas they get alot of things to make the consoles and other things dirt cheap. And if they say they make 200 million consoles each they will make a profit about 5 to 10 times that what they spend to make it.

So stop being under sony and microsoft jock strap crying for the super rich they are not going to hand you free consoles and games and other things free. They will give a billion owner like mark cuban something free he always get things free. And if the franchises would not give their employees and their families and friend free consoles and games.

Complaining about losing money but if they made a higher profit one year and it was a little less. They are not losing money because the people that buy game consoles and games ready have it so that's stupid. It is just like in sports.

So if you buy one or both of their consoles for that price and theyn don't have anything lose to what I said you sirs and madems are idiots. You have to make a stand if you get buy their trash and they still sell it at expensive prices they are not going to try to improve. You got to hit them in the wallets and bank accounts and they will listen. Microsoft and Sony say they care for the customer and only and they would it be their if it wasn't for us.

Talk is cheap give some consoles for free like to poor kids and to orphans stop giving free things to rich people likesports stars and actors and actresses and politicians etc. Give more to the needy and the die hard gamers.

For $1000

I would really expect some spectacular sight and sound equipment. I paid About $1500 for a pair of speakers back in 1995, they are still great, my PS3 really brings it for sound with DTS and other home theater broadcasting in a way the Xbox doesn't. The PS3 is a great machine.

For $1000, you would have to already have an awesome library of games, and because I'm a game developer, a great GDK. Actually, who am I kidding, for $1000, this thing better be an amazing HTR as well, or I'm going back to playing PS3 and I'll buy a new Xbox.

I <3 Playstation! good job sony

I would pay 1,500 for A ps4 it last long time, great graphics, looks great and KILLZ the xbox! it you take care of it it could last 5-8 years!


If you actually take the time to look at what this consoles packing, 200$ is way too low. 1000$ is definatily too high, and wouldnt do so well. I would pay 600 - 500$, because that, or going from what ive seen, is a reasonable price.

Wait until it drops!

No way! I'll wait until it's at $400.


i think we should be able to trade in our ps3 and games for the ps4

Try your local game store

Our local game store (GameStop and others) allow people to trade in games and consoles towards the purchase of a new console or other games. Just a fun fact...(learned the hard way)...save everything you got in the original box. This includes controllers, battery closure doors, cables... everything. They have to be able to resell your system in it's original condition. If you are missing even the smallest thing they may deny the trade-in.

what??! noo!

thats just redundant if anyone would pay that much! we are in a recessiona and this company decides to price it this high? it wont seel much. especially for the commonfolk who work a nine to five!! get outta here! if this is the price is this muh ill stick to the xbox 360!!

Cost of new PS4

I appreciate the cost of new technology, truly I do. Unfortunately, I have more than one person in the house that is a hardcore gamer. As it is we have 2 PS3, 1 PS2 an original PlayStation One and a PSP and several other consoles. We are loyal followers of the Sony gaming consoles. At a $1000.00 a pop it would limit us greatly since I was able to get 2 PS3 for less than that price.

Possibly leveraging users personal networks and resources can offset some costs. For example, instead of a built-in hard drive, offer the ability for game saves to be stored on a network media server. They could pick up a terabyte drive off their favorite geek supply site and hold their game saves on a localized drive that can be hit from any PS4 console in the house.

Our future is in wireless and portable...use it to everyone’s advantage. ;-)


no one would buy it if it was worth $1000 i certainly wouldnt id just buy the xbox 720 instead

come on

you guys are being idiots, the f*cking ps3 is out now thats what its all about, the ps4 is way off why are you talking about potential prices and what franchises you want on it when its still in concept, while the ps3 is flourishing at the moment?

Your Panties

Ok but, look who is talking, you decide to visit a PS4 site and then you complain about it, lol. PS4 will be the shiznit and then some, so don't let your panties ride your *ss too much. Let us have our PS4 wet dreams.


It's not like we don't love the PS3, we will continue to have PS3 coverage such as game reviews and news, as well as PS4 news and rumors. Most of us can admit though that the PS3 hasn't had the success most envisioned it would, and hasn't completely lived up to expectations. We'd like to see the PS4 propel Sony back to the top of the gaming heap with an undeniably outstanding game system that avoids some of the pitfalls they encountered this generation, and we're sure they can.

what the f*ck

these f*cking people want me to pay 1000$ for a ps4 well i say HELL NO YOU JACK ASSIES SUCK IT


you really think they haven't already begun developing it yet? i have a friend that is an independent storyboard artists for games developers and microsoft is working on the next xbox already. it's about 10 years between gaming systems, so 2015 as a date for both ps4 and xbox may happen


10 years?

Omfg, the average between gaming systems is 6 to 7 years. but it's true that microsoft is already working on their next version of the Xbox, I recently heard that they'll be giving out screenshots in a few months, as do sony.


one thing i want to know from all basturds,who say's to you all basturd's that the price of sony ps4 will be $1000.i hink somebody has fuck you all basturd's very badly that make you all basturd's crazy.

The price

Well i say the Price is one of the rip off thing i ever saw in my gaming life! Buying a system for $1000 is just a rip. I rather just w8 till its lower. But if its $1000 because of the cool features i might say it was a good price. But my estimate is that not a lot of poepel will buy a ps4 because not a lot of peopel can adford a system for $1000. I allso say if the games were $100 i will not do that at all!! Mostly for peopel who like gameing i say w8 till the price is lower. Also before u buy 1 u should c if u realy want to spend $1000 on a system that might make u bored or it will make u happy till a new version comes out. My conclosion is if u buy it at $1000 u need to think if u will like it or not. If u try to return it (at gamestop or outher game stores who take use stuff) they might not give $1000. They might give $500 or less. So think before u buy 1. And i am happy that some people r w8ing till the release. and outhers when it is relase for the price to lower like the ps3. I just hopes this Ps4 will be better then the all Ps.

Thats a ridiculous price.

At that price I rather get 2 5870's and have cash to spare.

Not a prediction!

They are not saying that the Playstation 4 would cost $1000, they are just asking a question to find a general consensus. Therefore this is not real but if not fake either.

ps4 cost

id say like 450 or 500 cuse the ps3 was like 400

The PS4 should cost...

$499 or $599 or maybe even $699 because $1000 is too crazy I'm pretty sure SONY wouldn't do that to their customers well I guess they might since the PS3 costed them money instead of making them money but who cares about that its all about the costumers if people don't like the price they won't buy it and people who are crazy enough to buy it are either dumb and like being in debt or their just plain rich. Also the PS4 better have Trophy support as well as Avatar support from the PS3 syncing from PS3 to a PS4 would be a good idea and also I think a UMD side slot would be awesome as well playing PSP games on the big screen or better yet an actual PSP2 not a PSP Go which was an epic fail by the way no UMD's and only downloads thats bogus. (And maybe the next-gen handheld from SONY might also have Trophy support as well.) Well anyways if you like playing online add me on PSN: DarkSuperior or on XBL: DarkSuperior (Yes I made the same name just for convience don't judge me.)

$1000 are u MAD!

$1000 is crazy, i don't care how high tec it is u can't charge $1000 for a system, i had had trouble raising up the money to get a PS3, that took me 4-5 months with graduation money, berry picking money and allowance plus i still had to get mine used, if sony is gonna charge money like that, i'm saying f#*$ it, and it better have trophy support and all the other good stuff from the PS3, internet better be free and online should rock, i want the best!!!!!!

ps4 costs

it could be quite possible. when the ps3 was released, it cost sony over $750 for each unit and it wasn't until summer 2009 that they began to turn a profit. this is where we start to get powered down systems over time and eventually the Slim. So $1000 for a ps4 isn't outside the realm of possibilities


too expnsive

i think it should be 500 or 600 if it had a lot of new features but if its super similar to the ps3 then only 400 i couldnt afford it if it was 1000


I totally agree with what's being said here

No Problem On The Price HERE

I have one of each system out there starting with atri to the ps3. The playstation if my all time favorite system on the market. If the new playstation is going to cost a $1,000 they would have had to put a lot of money into it them selves. Playstation needs to make there money just like the rest of the world. Playstation spent a lot on the ps3 and they didn't start seeing a profit for a while and the ps3 was far from a disappointment. As far as my opinion goes, if a company such as playstation can take the risks they take in on how much money they spend on making there systems just to make the customers happy before they are worried about there profits. That is a company that puts the customer first. So if playstation does decide to charge $1000 they have a good reason. Besides when ps3 first came out people were buying them up for $700 then turning around then reselling them for a $1,000 to $1,500 on the internet when they got hard to get and people were paying those prices, so what,s the difference if playstation charges the $1000. At least with the profits playstation make can and would go tords a bigger and better system the next time a round.


I think this is a joke.how can one pay 1000$ for a system?

$1000.00 System

I'm tired of giving my money to Bill Gates; he's found a way to double charge the consumer at every level of the game. USB adaptors, live memberships, bonus points and features...I'm looking forward to the new PS4 but if Sony decides to pull a (let's rip off little kids and their parents and cheat the consumers while we're at it) by charging $1, ooo. for a system...Nintendo sounds like a winner. You can't build a system that would be worth it, unless it came with a 23" monitor, video card and doubled as a PC...

Too Much Money

Being a PC gamer myself, the ps4 better be pretty damn good or else i could spend that thousand upgrading my PC. $600 was steep for the PS3 but i couldn't resist the Blu-ray and Resistance:Fall of Man. I can buy almost three GPUs with $1000 which would outperform any console no matter what. If a PS4 had multiple GPUs, HDDs and more than a a beastly Quadcore, i might be willing to drop the money for it. Also PCs are starting to use 6 core CPUs and they're working on 8 and 16.

too much

$1000 bucks WOW! i can build an awesome pc for that much.


Im mean seriously guys, why wouldn't you pay that much? Your talking about a touch screen embedded panel! On the system itself and the controller. If its too much, stick with the PS3. But I will be playing that PS4 without a doubt.

to much money

even if its touchscreen even the best games they have to day dont price range to that price i mean you can by a whole computer with 1000 dollars seriously!!!!!!!

way to much $$$

sure sony spent a crap ton of money on research but 1000$ is 500$ too much. if u put the price at 400-500$ then a u will sell soo many and make more money than if u sell 4 1000$ noobody will buy. even if it is 3d and touchscreen and has something like move and uses ps1,2,3, and ps4 games it wuldnt be worth it. aND HONESTLY WAT DONT WE HAVE WITH THE PS3, i got wat i need so unless it is under 500$ im not paying


Most people who say therd not geting it is going to get it if i as my mom and she as how mouh for it she would say your out of you mind if you think im buying that puls i have a ssister and a brother and they want stuff did song every think about the moms the have to do everythink on there own 1000 is too much

it kinda depends ...

i mean if ppl make more $ in thr near future sure. but da way da economy is now dats way too much. $400-$600 sound good to me if da ps4 is go be as great as it sounds or shud be


you should do it for £600-£800 but a £1000 no haderly no one will bye it that much

Based on today no.

Today a grand is to much for a console. But with the way the goverment is pulling money out of its backside in a few years in may not be that much. Also none of us knows what it's really going to be. Oh what I know right now I have to say no.


i have my own business and i would pay $1000 and buy 8 of them. (for all my coworkers)
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BIG no...

May be i will pay $600 abd i dont think anybody want to pay $ 1000 for ps4
comon guys get it low

A grand???

Oka I love Sony and all but no, they'd have to really dig deep and produce to get a grand from me for just one product, I mean no one here has even mentioned the games, let's think, you save and save your grand and buy this ps4 and then ur sitting there playing nothing. Just sitting cause you can't take it on the go like a lap top. Oh, but you paid the price of one. Absolutly BOGUS

ps4 game experience

the regular price of an xbox 360 or a ps3 is around 199$ to 299$ dollars but the ps4 will be awesome but for the amount of money of 1000 grand would be way to much because the economy is so bad right now that even buying an xbox or a ps3 is hard 1000 dollars would be way to much for a game console that wont even have games when you get it it may have a few demos on some games but 1000 dollars is way to much so no