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PlayStation has many exclusives...

PS has InFamous, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, God of War, Killzone, Little Big Planet, and that's naming a small few. PS has plenty of great exclusives, and now that Bungie is making a new game for PS3 and 4, there very well could be a game like Halo coming soon.

There is one coming

It's called destiney it's by the people who made halo with a lot of those ideas

new idea for controller

Instead of having a bluetooth seperate from the controller. Why not make it where you grab the controller press the ps button and it has its own Bluetooth built in. Just hook up head phones and the controller can act as the sound receiver. Sense its right there. So press ps button hook up head phones and your read to g o. And if you don't want to use Bluetooth just simply remove the year phone and the controller automatically knows you don't want to use it.

May as well

PS4 may as well just use it's in built bluetooth inside the console to send audio. Save the controllers battery power for gameplay, if you add in things like a transmitter in the controller it'll last less time for use, it'll need all the power it can get, especially if Sony adds in some new tech or their own touchscreen inside of the controller. Since PS3 had a bluetooth inside the console it would probably be a similar case with the next playstation, there's no real reason for Sony to change that, not when Sony will think about ways to make the controller more power efficient & adding that into the controller would just eat up more power.


I play both the PS3 and Xbox 360 because I have a PS3 and all of my friends have the 360. I think the PS3 beats the 360 in every aspect but personally I think there is one flaw of the PS3 and it is the controller. The controller itself is too small. I have pretty big hands and I find myself having a hard time holding on to the controller because of the size of the handles or whatever you call them. Maybe make them longer? Then there's the analog sticks. They're too close together and my thumbs sometimes touch each other when I am playing. Also how the analog sticks are rounded and there's not really any gripping on them whatsoever really is a downside of the controller. I don't know maybe it's just me. I personally like the Xbox 360 controller because it just feels right when I hold it. There's gripping on the analog sticks. The placement of the analog sticks are perfect. And my hands don't eat up the "handles" of the controller. All I'm saying is that if the PS4 has a controller that fixes all of these things I would definitely purchase one.

Controller reply

Omg I can't stand when people say this. Yes the controller is too small forthe western world, it was tailored to the Asian hand dimensions, however, Sony sells additional controller styles. They have big, small, remotes, wheels, joystick, they even sell a controller that is the same dimensions as the xbox360 controller with the same layout and everything for ps3. So just go buy a bigger controller, that's all you have to do.

Controller too small reply

Sony sells additional controller types. The style that comes with the ps3 is just the default. They even sell a controller that has the same dimensions and layout as the Xbox 360 for the ps3. So if you like that one then buy it, I seen them at best buy. They sell like 20 controller styles so find one u like and use it. But complaining about the default model is a bit harsh. Considering they sell controllers in all shapes and sizes, u just have to look for them.

the ''dumbness'' of next gen games

first of all a price at wich xbox720 nd ps4 are going 4 is ridiculous, i mean 700-1000$ in fact thats madness. Again a game with all those capabilities which these game consoles are going to have is a headway 4 supa ''dumbness'' in ps4 nd even more dumb 4 xbox720. Thats all i got to say 4 now.

Re: the "dumbness" of next gen games

No real information on the prices of the next gen playstation or Xbox has actually been announced yet, but given the price of modern hardware it's highly doubtful they'd anything but lower than $700, more like around Wii U release price or a bit higher. Anywhere from $350 to maybe $500 at max for a premium machine. If these websites actually did their research they'd see modern hardware like the A10 APUs the PS4 dev kits were supposedly based around could be bought for less than $60 by Sony, additional GPUs with plenty of RAM can probably be bought for under $150. The fastest Bluray drives, USB 3 connectors, latest Blutooth tech & even SSD can be had for next to nothing. A console costing $500 would be a beast compared to what we have today. Even the most powerful mobile GPUs are more than 10X the power of a PS3, far more efficient Watt per Flop than Wii U's E6760. IMO the base model of an Xbox 720 & PS4 won't cost more than $400, based on the performance gains required to run modern game engines like Epic's UE4, Square's Luminous, Dice's Frostbite 2, full Cryengine 3 and any other engines in use in next gen game design. Even the actual games themselves shouldn't really cost any more to make, mainly because developers already make their models using higher levels of polygons, textures and effects than current gen machines can deal with. Performance will jump, but prices won't be that high.

the truth

360 sucks pure and simple face it fanboys

fanboy ?

fanboy !!!!!! coming from a ps3 fanboy.

come on sony what u waiting

come on sony what u waiting for let us be able to control the games with ever movement we make . the head glove is a good idea or virtually reality .

The Controller is Bad

I would have purchased a PS long ago but their controller is..well bad. Very bad. In fact it is so bad it makes me wonder who likes it once they have tried the x-box 360 controller (not perfect but better). -analog sticks too close together -too smallish -analog sticks are slick -buttons for d-pad area is a bad idea (make a pivot button) Fix that controller and you make it so people that don;t like it (there are tons out there) then buy the stupid thing.. If it isn't fixed then you won't get me to buy it.


You must be very accustomed to the x-box controller and/or with very large hands. I have rather small hands and I can't comfortably reach some of the x-box 360 buttons (especially when really getting into a game and needing to press a lot of buttons in quick succession). The playstation controller fits rather well in my hand and it isn't as heavy in my hand as the 360 controller. What I don't like is the idea of the touchpad on the back.


What an babyish comment... "its really bad"... grow up. it doesn't work for you, so what, becuase you don't like it its bad?? child.

It depends on your hands...

Some people fit the Playstation controllers better, some fit the Xbox's better. It depends on the size and shape. Personally, my hands fit well on both, so I never see the point to the controller arguments.

If they are smart

They better get it 100% right now before they send it out and they better not send out a new slim a year after i think sending out a new memory card type thing a year later would be better cuz we need that back and with the controller good idea putting there blue balls inside cuz it was a dumb move before and just so everyone on here know i am not a fanboy cuz heck i'm using my ps3 right now just for downloading movies and watching blue-ray and i'm not planing on buying the new 4 till i see some games that call out to me or till its a year old so i can have a new dvd player


My only concern is how long will it take till the ps4 has a hardware failure? That should be the only real question. Lets face it, Some owners that had ylod/rrod consoles didn't return it to the company to get it fix. Here were your options, 1. return it to the company for repairs, 2. repair it yourself, 3. F' it and buy a new console, or 4. use your dead console as a house decoration and don't buy a new one or get it repaired. If you are like me, I did the number 2 for awhile, till it just wasn't worth repairing over and over. So i went out a bought a new console. Hence giving these companies more of my hard earn cash. I could go on and on, but i do believe you get where im getting at. Here is my console history, Bought an xbox 360 on opening day, rrod, Had microsoft repair it, only to break 2 weeks later, F'it bought a new 360. In short 3 rrod console, current 360 still working. So that makes 4 total 360's. Now on to sony, Same problems, 2 ylod console, 3 slims still in working order. For a total of 5 ps3.... I enjoy gaming as you can tell. But yeah? Hoping when i get my 1st ps4 it will be the only one i buy. :)

i got a ps3 on day one was

i got a ps3 on day one was £550 had it for 2 years ylod sony wanted £150 to fix it fk that so i got a xbox 360 then 3 years later got aother ps3 and what do you think happen ylod again i love ps3 but this one broke after 1 year my xbox 360 still working after 5 years i want to buy this ps4 but like everyone i cant afford to keep buying the same over and over again because of ylod or some new thing with the ps4

Scores on the Doors

Microsoft has already stated they expect 30% of sales from XBox owners whose units fail. The Sony units are statistically far more reliable. My 6yr old PS3 is still going strong. :)

Yes sir

I have never had a problem with my PS3.

systems breaking

allot of people are saying their systems keep breaking. well sorry to say it but its all on how you treat your systems. i have a ps2 and a nintendo64 and they both work like they are brand new. so if you game system keeps breaking. try keeping it in better conditions.

Screw PS4 and Xbox 720, I'm

Screw PS4 and Xbox 720, I'm getting an awesome gaming laptop. I'm tired of having to buy a new playstation/Xbox and computer every 2-3 years. Unless they make the PS4 backwards and used game compatible there's NO WAY I will buy it. They suck enough money out of us gamers. Not to mention it is about the crappiest move try can make to make it so used games aren't playable. You can bet for sure that gamers will be up in ARMS about it. GUARANTEED! It's a slap in the face not just to the gamers but the gaming industry itself that makes millions on used games and hardware.


I hope you plan to use Windows 7 on your gaming laptop. Now days you don't have a choice. Windows 8 is suppose to be used on a touch screen units but they want to use the format on everything which in my opinion sucks. There are games that will not be on the PC that will be on the console. By the way, Playstation is not going to take away used games, that market will still be around much to the relief of Game Stop. I wish you the best of luck on your gaming laptop. Just realize that a good one goes for around $1500.00+ and will come with Windows 8 which is obvious that I hate because I repair laptops for a living. Poor laptop just wants to be a laptop and Windows 8 is trying to force it to be something it is not.

Why do you get a new console every 2-3 years...?

Generations of consoles usually last about 6-8 years... I don't see why you'd be buying "new" systems every 2-3 years... According to the conference, The PS4 (likely through your PSN account or with some sort of connection between the PS3 and PS4, wired or wireless) can detect what games you owned on the PS3, and you can stream them to the PS4. I don't know if this would include DLC content... And I don't think it would work for old PS1 and 2 games, unless you could use a memory card adapter to scan your cards for games...

just a thought

i have a gaming laptop its awsome... however i buy a new computer every 3 years and i buy a new system every 5 and there cheaper. so in my book... your an idiot.


Yea, so you'll buy a new PC every 2 or 3 years

Publishers already block used games

Publishers already block used games on PC and block the online functions of used games on ps3 & xbox360.

PS3 Games

Hopefully the playstation 4 allows us to use ps3 games on it, if not it will ruin everything!!!!

Hope it will play

I hope it plays all of the game from playstation 3-2 and one... So i don't have to get rid of them because I still play them all.



mooi man

Goeie raad daai. Ek hou daar van.


I don't want no stinking controller, it's about the experience and button mashing is not a pleasant experience for most. Wi did well with mediocre graphics and mostly kids games, Kinect is a great step forward, Sony needs to step it up.

Stop hating man Dont waste

Stop hating man Dont waste our time reading your crappy opinion. Bye bye


Think it is halarious how xbox people find PlayStation sites just to talk bad about it. If you hate it why the hell are you even paying attention to it?

Because deep down in their

Because deep down in their hearts they are SONY fans too!!


Oh great Cesars ghost, please check your spelling before you post for all the world to read. Plus one other thing, I have only owned one PS3, my brother is an XBox fan, has owned four, why, because XBox is crap and not reliable.

sony all for the gamers

I got ps3 60 GB when it first came out loved it until stopped playing disc unfortunately modern warfare seemed to me to play better on 360 so I changed consoles. Microsoft as millions of loyal fans but what they are doing with Xbox one I personally will be going back to Sony especially with ps4 been more powerful, seems Sony may have got it right this time actua lly listened to game developers.

Sony is awesome

My people, sons and daughters of sony, this much I vow. The history of these days will be written online. By crushing the armies of microsoft, by seizing the gamers they thought to turn againts us, it is now they who are fighting for their very existence. But if there are those who wish to deny us our $399. price tag, deny us our place in the gaming universe, then, we will unleash such terrible vengeance, that gamers yet unborn, will know nothing but the letters PS. X Box may have their awesome projector, but they cannot beat us overall. Even now they advance in technology, originally failing at E3 to take by force what they did not earn by right, but they could not imagine what awaited them...Playstation smote the invaders from the gaming sky! Though they have their exclusives like Halo and Gears of war, never again will they be compared to Killzone, never again will they be competition, never again will we endure their tyrany. We have struck, without warning, and without mercy, gaming as one hand, one heart, one soul. The PS4 has shattered their dreams and now haunt their nightmares, drenching the gaming world with their broken console, and as our price tag and bundles tear at their sales, as we rise even higher from our already lofty place...they will know, the gaming world belongs, to Sony.



So what your saying is

XBOX (Fails To Withstand) the onslaught of Sony