PS4/Vita Bundle May Be A Possibility At Retail

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Despite being an incredible little system, it's been no secret that the PlayStation Vita has struggled when it comes to sales and gaining a foothold in the marketplace. This may change not only due to the interactivity between the PlayStation 4 and the Vita but a new rumor that the two systems may come bundled together.

According to TechRadar, who themselves quote Inside Gaming Daily, an anonymous source claims that a PlayStation 4 and Vita bundle is a reality.

The bundle will cost $500, meaning that users will get a Vita for the low, low price of only $100 as the PS4 itself costs $400. As TechRadar points out, this saves you $150 on the Vita: any gamer would have to be crazy to not jump on the handheld for a paltry $100.

We'll apparently find out whether this rumor is true or not very shortly, as the anonymous source states that Sony will announce this bundle at Gamescom.

What about you, PS4 Experts readers? Would you spend an extra $100 and walk away with a Vita with your shiny new PS4 purchase? Let us know in the comments!

Article by - Joshua Phillips
Insert Date: 8/8/2013

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Hell Yahh

I would spend an extra $100 on that package its a screeming deal. If I wanted the PSvita. A deal is only a deal if you want it. Props to Sony for giving people choice. Choice in packages will help sell systems as well as good games do. Im looking forward to the ps4. If Microsoft wants the Xbox one to sell to everyone they should do 3 things. (1) Make sure the 52.6% red ring of death fiasco dose not repeat its self that was unacceptable the numbers are M$ own. (2) Stop Charging people to use Netflix epix hulu or what ever sport or movie package you may have, you should not have to pay for access to services you allready have paied for. (3) Remove the manditory kenict requierment. I know its too late for Microsoft to backtrack on this one but No one likes anything forced on them. And I have said it once and i will say itr again. people like choice.

Great Deal

Only $100 for the Vita is such a great discount. Plus, the ability that you (should) be able to use it for remote play with the PS4. Count me in

PS4 more power to the consumer

PS4 is more consumer friendly the M$ and I'm an ex XBOX Live member. PS+ is more value for the money and has more free gameplay to enjoy. Multiplayer is my favorite part of online play. Of course I will get it. I had a preorder for PS4 for some time. I even sold my XBOX 360 to convert store credit to the PS4 As a former Xbox fan, run don't walk away from Microsoft. They changed all their policies so they can pocket your money.