Sony to skip E3 2019

Well, Game Informer has reported word directly from Sony, that the video game giant will not be making an appearance at E3 - 2019. Mixed feelings across the internet are making rounds and a lot of PlayStation fans aren’t thrilled about the idea. I’m real happy about it either, but what can you do?

E3 - 2018 - Rumors and Confirmations

With E3 around the corner, we’re seeing more and more leaks drop on the internet and the floodgates of speculation have fully opened!

While the list of what’s already confirmed is relatively small, the list of possibilities is growing larger each day. Recently, a listing made by Walmart - Canada, hosted a series of unconfirmed titles. While it doesn’t mean these possible leaks will be at E3, it raises questions. Let’s take a look at what we might see this year.

Sony announces cross platform play between PS4 and XB1 consoles

There have been a lot of talks about cross platform play between Sony and Microsoft consoles, but it seems the talks have evolved into much more. Sony has finally decided to move forward and stop blocking cross play. While nothing has been mentioned about the Nintendo Switch, Sony Execs announced today during a press conference that cross platform play between the Playstation 4 and Xbox One console lines will in fact begin allowing crossplay in the next update major update.

Nacon Revolution Vs. Razor Raiju

When it comes to pro gaming, your choice of controller is as important as the loadout on your soldier. Your controller is a weapon in itself, but not all controllers are created equal. What works best for me, might not work best for you. So long as you are using what works best in your hands, the sky's the limit.

I have been going back and forth between the Nacon Revolution and the Razor Raiju, for about 40 days now. Pushing myself to the limits in games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Overwatch and Titanfall, to name a few. It has been fun and learning experience so far.

Razer Raiju Review

The Razer Raiju, is the second pro controller to be licensed by Sony (for the PS4), and currently available in Europe. Luckily, if you live in the North American region, you can have them shipped to you, but it won’t be cheap. While I don’t know when they will become available in NA, they are expected to release this Spring.

5 PlayStation Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Sometimes, it feels like we know everything there is to know about PlayStation, but then you do a few Google searches and suddenly some new facts come to light! Join me as we look at five cool PlayStation facts you probably don’t know unless you’ve scoured the depths of Wikipedia.

5 PlayStation Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

Check out these crazy facts and little-known secrets behind our favorite brand in gaming.

Top PS4 titles to play this Halloween!

Halloween is definitely a holiday favorite among the gaming masses and here we are on the eve of another. For most gamers out there, Halloween isn’t complete without putting a little time into a title to help us get into the spirit. Whether you’re out trick or treating with the family or passing candy out, there comes a time when the night settles and it's time to play a game. The problem is, there so many great titles out there I couldn’t possibly list them all so I listed the 8 most popular titles from running a poll. To make matters worse, I couldn’t rank them in order.

Sony's Paris Games Week 2015 Conference - All the Announcements in One Place!

Paris Games Week 2015

I've often compared the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) as Christmas for gamers. This year though, there have been a steady stream of announcements coming down the pipeline for PS4 owners. I dare say that this entire year thus far has been one giant holiday for gamers to enjoy amazing new titles and some epic new announcements.

Playstation: The Discussion

As October comes to a close and the holiday season begins, there will be plenty of sporadic news updates coming from all ends of the internet. While it’s difficult to keep up with everything, I’ll do my best to help keep you up to date with everything that's relevant to the PS4. For starters, this may seem like a minor tidbit but, Sony’s PS4 did mange to claim another month as the top selling console in September. Some analyst claim that the current gen consoles have reached their peak and sales will begin to decline. I think that's nonsense of course and many others agree.


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