PS4 Controller Pulse - Handgun


PS4 Handgun

Nice, I hope SONY comes out with this! There is so much potential with the technology available.

PS4 lover

yo cool dude i am waiting for the ps4 but i will buy if the price of the ps4 is near 300-500 not more than 500 hundred dollar .

wont work...

Sorry but if the projection for this is in the front and in the back the image would not be on your hand and forearm it would be on the screen or whatever its pointing at and on your chest. But yeah....


It could completely work as long as the projected image is not projecting just straight back and forward, but with a tilt. weird thing about projected images. they can still be seen from the side. Playstation would just need to account for the tilt. with motion controls that match the image.


CHASE ma cousin around and shoot him XD