Playstation 4 Console Concept by YourLegacyAwaits


Kinda Dope!

Having a transparent part to see the disk is so simple and brilliant...who wants to press the eject button everytime just to see if a games inside or which game? i like, i like. :)


Great Idea!!!!!!! I Lika, I Lika Alot


The same thing sgould be with the Usb connections and so on. I hate having to get a flashlight to see what connection is what for my pc. Make it really easy to see stuff without you having to bend over, or take your glasses on! That would be a good step at right decition.


Gorgeous I am in love with it I would skip work to stand in line for it its beautiful question will it play ps2 games


What a beatiful console!
That will be first when that release.
We are wating...

Everything is chaper over

Everything is chaper over here except the German and japanese automobiles!! FACK!!

It kinda looks lika a CD Player!

I think this doesn´t look like a real console.. It is something between CD-player and DVD/Blu-Ray Player..


I think it looks easy to clean.


The design reminds me of the first PlayStation where you can see the disk spin a little bit but you can see it a lot more now :D This is naice.

Luv it

This concept is great honestly one of the best by far i would buy it

I really liked

I realy like this one the should be gorilla corner glass congratulation you have a nice visual imagination